Phileas Fogg to travel abroad…again…

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The owner and proprietor of Legion Fantastique, at #7 Saville Row, will finally have a chance to meet his biographer, Mr. Jules Verne, in person. Mr. Phileas Fogg will be taking a journey to Nantes, France this month!

Setting sail aboard the fabled luxury yacht, The Pearl of the Pacific, Fogg hopes to finally add France to the long list of exotic lands he has explored…as, according to him, “nothing could be more exotic than France”.

He will be sending us updates and photographs as he makes his way along the northwest countryside of France.

We wish him “Bon Voyage”, and look forward to seeing what destiny will present to Mr. Fogg.


Honorary Legionnaire Profiles – Captain Scott Cassell

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Legion Fantastique is known for its marine specialists. Captain Nemo, Ned Land and even Mr. Conseil of Paris have integrated themselves into our ranks and have, in their own unique ways, enriched the lives of hundreds of our visitors by giving them a little glimpse into the strange world of Earth’s oceans.

It is with great honor that we induct into our “Honorary Legionnaire” Hall, renowned oceanographer, diver, and adventurer – Capt. Scott Cassell!

As a young boy, Scott was influenced by the movie version of “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” to probe further into the realm of underwater exploration and became a diver at the age of 15. He has since accumulated well over 12,000 hours underwater as a mixed-gas commercial diver, 20-plus-year veteran of rebreather technologies, U.S. Coast Guard-qualified submersible pilot, counterterrorism diver, U.S. Navy-qualified diving supervisor and diving medical technician.

What makes Scott unique in the world of Oceanography is his extensive work with real monsters of the deep – Giant Humboldt Squid. His encounters with these fascinating and dangerous creatures have yielded incredible amounts of information about how these creatures live, feed, are affected by and affect the ecosystems of the oceans of the world.

It is largely through his work with the Humboldt Squid that Legion Fantastique has been able to develop techniques to capture, and maintain a giant squid in its tanks, specially designed by Captain Nemo, in the offices of #7 Saville Row. Unlike harpooneer, Ned Land, who believes that these creatures are nothing more than monsters to be slain, Cassell has begun work with members of Legion to educate the public on how these creatures are one of the strongest indicators of the effects of man’s misuse of the world’s oceans.

Cassell is now the President and CEO of the Undersea Voyager Project. The Undersea Voyager Project is a non-profit organization established to circumnavigate and study the Earth’s oceans (27,000 miles) at depths of 100–1,000 feet utilizing human piloted submersibles. The Project will advance and communicate scientific understanding of the oceans, their interrelationship with climate, and human impact on the marine environment to a global audience.

Capt. Cassell happened upon Legion Fantastique during his recent visit to London, and has been accepted into the ranks of of Honorary Legionnaire. Legion Fantastique looks forward to helping Cassell with spreading the word about his endeavors. Welcome aboard, Captain!

To learn more about the Undersea Voyager Project, please visit:

Legionnaire Profiles – Mistress Dolly Branican

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Mistress Dolly Branican, originally from San Diego, CA, found herself on the hunt for her long lost husband, Captain Branican of the U.S.S. Franklin,  in the deepest “Outback” of Australia! Once thought to be clinically insane (long since disproved by her peers), Mistress Branican became an advocate for the aboriginal peoples of Australia. She has made a study of these amazing people and their culture, and hopes to bring her knowledge to the people of the world by joining Legion Fantastique.

Her charter in Legion began when she was attempting a return voyage to North America aboard the ship, The Magelania, and she found herself amongst the rescuers of Captain Cyrus Harding and his fellow castaways. After nursing the men back to health, it was Harding and Branican who learned that a mysterious man that Harding  encountered on Lincoln Island was not the infamous “pirate”, Captain Nemo – but an impostor! The real Captain Nemo was found on the shores of Jamaica, already crafting a small, sea-worthy vessel. 

As the Magelania reached the harbor in Monterey, California, Branican & Nemo soon found themselves in the company of Mr. Phileas Fogg and his valet, Passepartout. After intense debates, Fogg convinced Captain Nemo to join his quickly growing brotherhood of explorers and thinkers. But it was Branican who convinced Nemo to finally provide Legion with the means to create the Nautilus Mark III – a fearsome machine that, at first glance, looked like it was armed for war…but was, in fact, the ultimate undersea exploration vehicle.

Mistress Branican’s tough exterior hides a nurturing soul – determined to bring understanding between the peoples of the world. Her skill with a firearm is formidable, as is her abilities with an aboriginal boomerang. Any man who underestimates Branican’s stalwart nature is doomed to feel the sting of her tongue…or the heel of her boot.

Professor Perry Does It Again!

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Professor Abner Perry, one of Prof. Phineas J. Flockmocker III’s comrades in the secret labs of Legion Fantastique, reactivated his patented Time Pack and attempted to send Legion’s test pilot, Captain Nicholas Dakota forward in time. Unfortunately, Nick overshot his mark and sucked the entire lab through the time stream – into 2009!

"Damn you, Dakota!"


The team soon found themselves at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, California – surrounded by thinkers, inventors, craftspeople and just plain freaks! It was apparent, that Perry’s Time Pack had also pulled dozens of sister scientific organizations through the vortex as well. The Neverwas Haul, Kinetic SteamWorks, and many others found themselves clustered together for safety amid the rabid denizens of the 21st Century.


Photo courtesy of pewtersmith... Thanks, Kevin!

Photo courtesy of "pewtersmith"... Thanks, Kevin!



The natives were restless as they hunted our team down with their maniacal chant of “Kin-I-Takur-Piktur! Kin-I-Takur-Piktur! Kin-I-Takur-Piktur!” – forcing our team into the various exhibit halls for safety!

Robur the Conqueror, Agent John Strock, Sara Paz, Miss Kitty Taylor, Princess Aouda, Master Evan Wever, Nova Robb, Lady Munro, Impey Barbicane, and Michael Ardan scoured the Maker Faire for an appropriate power source to refuel Perry’s Time Pack … but only finding giant mouse traps, fire artists, fancy lights for bicycle wheels, sparking electrical towers, and automated cupcakes! 

Finally, with the help of the crew of the Neverwas Haul, and the ever resourceful Master Wever, found an appropriate power source for the birilium sphere in the Time Pack – Mentos & Diet Coke! With a woosh they were all returned to present time – 1871. With such a disturbing glance into the future, one wonders what amazing inventions may come to life in the halls of #7 Saville Row.


Master Evan - The Hero of the Day!

Master Evan - The Hero of the Day!

Legionnaire Profiles – Senora Sara Paz

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Senora Paz has come to England to seek military protection and financial assistance for the native people of The Republic of Peru. A tumultuous courtship brought the plight of the common people to her attention, and she decided to dedicate herself to improving their lives after what may be decades after Peru’s participation in the War of the Pacific.

She has grown fond of Phileas Fogg’s interest in cultural diversity and understanding, as well as his love for exotic food. Together they have introduced British society to some of the amazing dishes from Peru.  

Senora Paz has also established ties with Princess Aouda and Lady Munro – both of India. These three women, all influential in their respective cultures, have become a progressive force of feminine equality. 

Her love for games, food, and social graces have brought a unique world view to social gatherings of Legion Fantastique.

Legionnaire Profiles – Michael Strogoff

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Michael Strogoff

After valiantly thwarting a traitorous coup against the Tsar of Russia, this brave and burly Cossack found himself hired as Phileas Fogg’s guide through Siberia during Fogg’s fifth world tour. Fogg was impressed with Strogoff’s strength, bravery, and drinking prowess! He quickly hired the Russian as a staff bodyguard and Chief Messenger.

Strogoff and Legion Fantastique’s Chief Security Officer, Agent John Strock, have, on many occasions, thwarted several attempts of sabotage and assassination at the hands of agents from the Tong of the Black Scorpion. These two men, Strock and Strogoff, have become a force to be reckoned with as Legion Fantastique’s “fighting force”. Strogoff’s strength is formidable, and has been utilized in the most astonishing ways (he is rumored to have single-handedly fought a bear)! He is a tough, yet jolly fellow, who has brought a much-need joviality to the halls of Legion.

There have been rumors, that during Strogoff’s service to the Tsar of Russia, he was blinded with a hot poker. This was merely rumor spread by the forces behind the coup. Although Strogoff has insisted that losing his eyesight would be a small price to pay for his service to his homeland, his powers of observation have not been diminished in any way.

A little known fact about Strogoff – he loves to wager as much as Phileas Fogg. They have, on several occasions, challenged one another to “last-man-standing” drinking competitions. So far, they remain in a dead heat on victories…but Strogoff is confident he will find the right vodka to topple the unflappable Phileas Fogg!

Honorary Legionnaire Profiles – Master Evan Wever

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Master Evan Robb

Master Evan Wever, another one of our Honorary Members, was first introduced to Mr. Phileas Fogg through the man known simply as Robur the Conqueror. This young man has proven himself to be a wizard of research, and a devil with a fencing foil. On his most recent visit to La Legion Fantastique, Fogg was told an amazing story of how Master Evan defended his mother against three members of the Tong of the Black Scorpion in Shanghai. 

Master Evan Robb being sworn in!

Apparently, Master Evan Wever, and his delightful mother – an enigmatic woman named Nova, were traveling through Shanghai when they were confronted by servants of the evil Wu Syn – the leader of the Tong of the Black Scorpion. They had cornered mother and son in a dark alleyway in the fishing district. Evan, ever resourceful, fought off two of the masked men with a fisherman’s grappling hook. Nova, herself, showed great virtue and bravery as she fended off the third man. However, not long after Evan had disposed of his first two opponents, by toppling them into the waters of the harbor, the third man pulled a knife on them. Evan was wounded while defending his mother, yet prevailed by using his size to trip his attacker and disarmed the man! The three would-be assassins ran off into the night, leaving the victorious Robbs alone for the duration of their journey. 

Master Evan Wever showed the scars from the battle to Mr. Fogg, Prof. Lidenbrock, and Michael Strogoff. Strogoff, a burly Russian who once fought a mighty bear single-handed, was very impressed by the young man’s fighting skills. Robur the Conqueror was so impressed with Master Evan Robb, that he has taken him on as part of the weapons crew aboard his flying machine – The Terror.

Evan Robb

Having young people like Master Evan Wever as Honorary Members of Legion Fantastique has proven just how influential the virtues of Science, Exploration and Imagination can be on generations to come!

Welcome aboard, Master Evan Wever!