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Thank You – For 5 Fantastique years!!

Posted in The Bulletin on July 12, 2012 by Peter Overstreet

Every adventure begins with a spark.
That pinprick of yellow light in the darkness of fear and despair that envelopes us all when we’re alone and our bedside candle has long since guttered.

When we fear the unknown.
When we doubt ourselves.
When we truly feel as if there is no hope.

But hope shall always come to those who seek it.
Seize that light. Nurture it while it is still that faltering ember. Shape that spark into a dream.

A dream is not just for one man … it can belong to many.
One man’s dream can wrap others in the emerald folds of warmth and faith.
If one person believes in another, a dream can be given a name…
If two people believe in them, a dream can be given a face…
If even more people believe in them, a dream can be given the breath of life!

A dream becomes a reality…a belief…an adventure!
We have all had our share of adventures together.
The mere act of walking out of our doors every morning is an adventure that can bring us either riches or ruin.

They say it is not the destination, but the journey that brings enlightenment. I have found this to be very true.

I have been around the world (in 80 days, no less)
I have shaken hands with a mechanical elephant.
I have held the dust of the moon in my hands.
I have shaken hands with a giant squid, and lived to tell the tale.

But the most incredible adventure of them all – was coming to know all of you!

Legion Fantastique would not exist without you, my friends.
Not without your friendship.
Not without your love.
Not without your spark.

Every journey, however, must reach a conclusion. it is how we grow, and learn to cherish the time we have together. So it is with a heavy heart that I fear that my journey has reached a conclusion…and I, Phileas Fogg, have decided to retire from Legion Fantastique.

I will not say that my journey has reached its “final end” – because this adventure we have shared together will have no end as long as we all … together … nurture “The Spark”.

There shall always be new adventures for us all on the horizon.
There shall always be a Fogg in London.
There shall always be new frontiers to explore, new dreams to pursue, and new friends to make!

Legion Fantastique will always be there, as long as we all remember:

That thoughts become things…
That dreams become reality…and…
That I hope our journeys together will inspire new adventures for us all – into Science, Exploration, and Imagination!!



Phileas Fogg Begins New Venture!

Posted in The Bulletin on September 18, 2008 by Peter Overstreet
Mr. Fogg, setting out for another dangerous expedition!

Mr. Fogg, setting out for another dangerous expedition!

Mr. Phileas Fogg, the founder, owner and proprietor of La Legion Fantastique, has embarked on a new expedition! Once again, Fogg intends to circumnavigate the globe in search of the most adventurous, daring, scientific, and forward thinking individuals to join him on his quest for SCIENCE, EXPLORATION, and IMAGINATION!

Fogg has teamed up with Miss. Edith Edgerton from the United States, and Prof. Phineas J. Flockmocker III (another “yank”) to recruit the world’s most unusual personalities from around the globe! They will be transported, aboard the multi-terrain transporation conveyance (“The Terror”) to various locations with the help of the mysterious Captain Robur, Agent John Strock, Lady Caroline Munro, and the equally mysterious Captain Nemo.

“Our fist stop,” said Fogg, as he was checking equipment outside his famous club at #7 Saville Row, “will be Siberia, where I have heard tale of a remarkable gentleman who serves the Czar in remarkable ways.”

Fogg, and his team, also plan to go to Thailand, Germany, Iceland, Australia, and several other location which he is, “not at liberty to comment upon at this time.”

“I am thrilled by the opportunities this presents us,” adds Miss Edgerton, “we’ll be travelling over, on and through some of the most amazing geological strata in the world. Some of which has never been seen by Western eyes!”

When asked why he should aid Fogg in this adventure, Robur merely replied, “I’m merely looking forward to breaking Mr. Fogg’s record of 80 days!”

Some have been concerned with rumors regarding Mr. Fogg’s funds. No one knows exactly how Mr. Fogg made his fortunes before his now infamous wager with The Reform Club, in which Fogg wagered that he could circumnavigate the globe in 80 days, but now Fogg has been spending money in great amounts. Two years ago, Fogg and his investors were nearly driven to bankruptcy when the Paris branch of La Legion Fantastique was burned to the ground in a freak accident. However, Fogg managed to establish an amiable business agreement with the beautiful Lady Caroline Munro, an ex-patriate who has taken up residence aboard a magnificent steam-powered elephant. Some claim that Munro is actually the owner of Legion…however both she and Fogg deny this. Munro has be a rather controversial figure, and has been involved in several scandals in polite circles…so many question any claims made by her.

Some have also been concerned about a recent mysterious disappearance of Phileas Fogg during the past three months. He recently returned, as inexplicably as he vanished, about a week ago and when asked of his recent whereabouts he would only reply, “Steel Town”.

Fogg has promised to send updates and informational telegraphs at regular intervals during his journey.

The Seven Fatal Fingers of Deadly Death!

Posted in The Bulletin on May 28, 2008 by Peter Overstreet


Our intrepid auxiliary members, Major Jonas Junquebucket and Captain Thaddeus Thicketristle (“Tadger” for short) have been called upon to represent Mr. Phileas Fogg’s team in a rough and tumble town of Albany, California. The town is about to celebrate its centennial, and has called upon J&T (as they are known by hundreds of their fans…most of whom being small, uneducated children) to protect the ceremony with their usual heroism.


“It is an honor,” exclaimed Junquebucket at the news, “an honor, I say. Mwuh-HA! Yes, ol’ Tadger and I will knock any simpering villain off of their rocker if they dare raise their ugly heads in our vicinity! Mwuh-HA!”

Many have speculated as to what villain has chosen to threaten the festivities. Is it the Nefarious Wu-Syn of China? Is it the ancient Egyptian mummy Ra-Ma-Hoo-Hah-Tep?

Is it the American masterminds Tiberius & Wysteria Frost (who once challenged J&T in the now infamous Great Race of London)?

Who can say?

Not I…all this intrepid reporter hopes is that J&T give them a good “jolly what for”!

J&T hope to be accompanied by their usual entourage of dedicated colleagues…including Prof. Phineas J. Flockmocker III, F.H.S.G.!

The City of Albany’s Centennial Celebrations

July 20th, 2008

Downtown Albany, CA

Mr. Phileas Fogg has declined to make any statements about the affair.

Further evidence revealed!!

Posted in The Bulletin on January 16, 2008 by Peter Overstreet

Phileas Fogg giving a tour...

Further photographic evidence of La Legion Fantastique’s London Exhibition have recently surfaced. Mr. Raymond Van Tassel, the heir to the esteemed Van Tassel family of Sleepy Hollow, New York, has donated these incredible pieces of photographic artistry.


Fogg’s Legionnaires Triumph!

Posted in The Bulletin on December 28, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

Legion Fantastique’s public exhibition was a success! With visits from Don Diego de la Vega, Annie Oakley, and even Prince Albert himself…Legion’s tiny museum has certainly become the talk of the town. Despite all the excitement, bally-hoo and death threats, #7 Saville Row has become a haven for Scientists, Explorers, Adventurers, and Imaginative Artists!

“I am exceedingly proud,” proclaimed Phileas Fogg in a public address, “my comrades and I believe that we have left a positive mark on the world with our journeys, artifacts and inventions! We have even recruited an elite core of young people who shall be rewarded for their adventures next year!”

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and the doors to #7 Saville Row shall be once more locked up tight until next November. Meanwhile, Fogg and his Legionaires shall continue pursuing new frontiers in Science, Exploration and Imagination!

If you would like to see photographs of the exhibition, please click the image above.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Legion Fantastique’s future adventures…please contact Mr. Phileas Fogg at !

Our Latest Recruits!

Posted in LEGIONAIRES, The Bulletin on December 10, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

La Legion Fantastique welcomes its latest assemblage of Steam Explorers – Weapons specialist Lady Almira Inchcombe, her companion – the enigmatic “Captain Mouse” (Captain of the airship H.M.S. Chronabelle), Ann Marie Savage, and a courageous gentleman known only as “The Saber” (our security officer, John Strock, is working on deciphering this man’s true identity).

Lady Almira and “Captain Mouse” secured “The Black Dossier” for themselves with their fascinating steam jet pistol! Miss Savage and “The Saber” were awarded scientific tools and anthropological samples for their contributions to Legion!

Legion Fantastique entertained an incredible assortment of visitors, including the pilots and engineers of The Neverwas Haul. Captain Nemo, Robur, and Prof. Flockmocker will soon be working with the Neverwas crew on their latest inventions! Mr. Fogg is pleased to announce an alliance between these two great organizations…but that’s another story.

LEGION FANTASTIQUE presents “The Steam Explorers’ Contest”

Posted in The Bulletin on November 27, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

During the 3rd weekend of Dickens Fair, La Legion Fantastique will be holding the very first “Steam Explorers’ Contest”.

Gear Up, Robur!

Saturday, Dec. 8 2007, come to the Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco, CA and wear your finest Steampunk / Jules Verne gear! Come find us at La Legion Fantastique, and show us your gear!

Only one person will win this year’s prize – a hardcover copy of Alan Moore’s latest graphic novel : “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier”.

Judging begins from 11am – 3:30pm. The winner will be announced at 4pm at Legion Fantastique! Our judges, the Legionaires (Captain Nemo, Robur the Conquerer, Ned Land, etc.) will be happy to meet you and learn more about yourself and your kit / invention(s).

The winner will be judged on originality, character, style, and period accuracy. All participants will be featured on our online galleries…and will become honorary members of La Legion Fantastique!