#7 Saville Row – An Introduction!


#7 Saville Row is the public blog of La Legion Fantastique! We are a theatrical “re-enactment” troupe, and this blog covers our winter seasonal show. The show, “La Legion Fantastique” focuses on the literary works of Mr. Jules Verne in a totally immersive theatrical envrionment, where visitors may explore our halls and hob-nob with characters like Captain Nemo and Phileas Fogg .

Please come and visit us at The Great Dickens Christmas Fair, in San Francisco, CA – a holiday tradition in the Bay Area since 1970!

Our mission is to create fun and educational theatrical presentations to entertain, enlighten, and to promote literacy by bringing books to vibrant life! We are an unofficial non-profit organization, and our shows can only take place through the dedication, talent, time and donations made by our “Legionnaires”.

If you would like more information, would like us to visit your event or school, or if you would like to volunteer your time, please contact our Director Mr. Phileas Fogg .

Now, you are ready to explore #7 Saville Row…To your right there is section called “Archives”…feel free to see some of our previous journal entries!

We hope our adventures, will inspire you in your adventures in Science, Exploration, and Imagination!


6 Responses to “#7 Saville Row – An Introduction!”

  1. It was great to see you folks at Wondercon 2008 this past weekend. I have two pictures HERE: http://atomicbearpress.com/2008/02/23/wondercon-2008-costumes/ and a illustration loosely based on one of the photos I took HERE: http://atomicbearpress.com/2008/02/25/making-more-art-at-wondercon-2008/


  2. I say!…A smashing aethernet-electric journal!


  3. I encountered a few of you at the Dickens Christmas Fair and wanted to share this steampunk inspired lego sculpture that was talked about on Boingboing.net .



  4. Thanks again for the great interview at Wondercon. The itunes podcast: Heroes of Science Fiction and Fantasy episode 21. website http://www.heroesofsciencefictionandfantasy.com

  5. Oh My GOSH, this is probably the best idea for a blog EV-ER! I am a completely random person, surfing the internet machine on trivia for 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. I finished it today on the train on the way to work in Sydney (Australia) and it was great. 80 Days is my favourite at the moment though. You guys are awesome! Just so you know, but i can tell you know that already.

  6. It’s a probably the mosy greatest to greatiness adventures idea for the festivals and even world reconds! And it’s a better ways for the San Diego Comic Con in San Diego, California! Please I will be haughty cheerful about o the kinds of this!

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