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Thank You – For 5 Fantastique years!!

Posted in The Bulletin on July 12, 2012 by Peter Overstreet

Every adventure begins with a spark.
That pinprick of yellow light in the darkness of fear and despair that envelopes us all when we’re alone and our bedside candle has long since guttered.

When we fear the unknown.
When we doubt ourselves.
When we truly feel as if there is no hope.

But hope shall always come to those who seek it.
Seize that light. Nurture it while it is still that faltering ember. Shape that spark into a dream.

A dream is not just for one man … it can belong to many.
One man’s dream can wrap others in the emerald folds of warmth and faith.
If one person believes in another, a dream can be given a name…
If two people believe in them, a dream can be given a face…
If even more people believe in them, a dream can be given the breath of life!

A dream becomes a reality…a belief…an adventure!
We have all had our share of adventures together.
The mere act of walking out of our doors every morning is an adventure that can bring us either riches or ruin.

They say it is not the destination, but the journey that brings enlightenment. I have found this to be very true.

I have been around the world (in 80 days, no less)
I have shaken hands with a mechanical elephant.
I have held the dust of the moon in my hands.
I have shaken hands with a giant squid, and lived to tell the tale.

But the most incredible adventure of them all – was coming to know all of you!

Legion Fantastique would not exist without you, my friends.
Not without your friendship.
Not without your love.
Not without your spark.

Every journey, however, must reach a conclusion. it is how we grow, and learn to cherish the time we have together. So it is with a heavy heart that I fear that my journey has reached a conclusion…and I, Phileas Fogg, have decided to retire from Legion Fantastique.

I will not say that my journey has reached its “final end” – because this adventure we have shared together will have no end as long as we all … together … nurture “The Spark”.

There shall always be new adventures for us all on the horizon.
There shall always be a Fogg in London.
There shall always be new frontiers to explore, new dreams to pursue, and new friends to make!

Legion Fantastique will always be there, as long as we all remember:

That thoughts become things…
That dreams become reality…and…
That I hope our journeys together will inspire new adventures for us all – into Science, Exploration, and Imagination!!