Robur the Conqueror and Agent John Strock are ready to do battle once more with ignorance and conformity!

Grab your pith helmets! Polish your boots! Get the boiler stoked and ready! It’s time for…

The 5th Annual


Saturday – December 10, 2011



The Cow Palace

2150 Geneva Avenue  Daly City, CA 94014

Yes, Mr. Phileas Fogg has teamed up with Captain Nemo, Impey Barbicane, Princess Aouda and even the fabled Steam Man to expose the world to the wonders of Science, Exploration, and Imagination! Now…he is looking for new “recruits”. Think you can take on a Giant Squid? Think you can survive the Journey to the Center of the Earth? Think your skills of invention and ingenuity can propel you into the 20th Century? Then we want you!

Come to the halls of Legion Fantastique at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco’s Cow Palace on December 10th, 2011 and test your mettle with us!

Usually…we thought we could judge someone on how nicely polished their Ethereal Copper Blast Pack was…but several explosive incidents have changed our minds (and our layout, apparently). SO…THIS YEAR IS NOT JUST A COSTUME CONTEST!!

Last year’s grand prize winner won because of her fine embodiment of Science, Exploration and Imagination. Miss Emma Etherington performed a marvelous “catch and release” procedure on a fabled green fairy on the Legion doorstop…an act that stole the show and earned her first place!

“So, how does the contest work?”

STEP ONE: Come to the Dickens Christmas Fair!

STEP TWO: Come to Legion … and MINGLE!!

First – visit our “recruitment desk” and fill out an application form. Then…feel free to roam about Legion Fantastique and get to know your fellow explorers!

The Legion Fantastique Secret Recruitment Committee is loose! They may seem like ordinary members of Legion Fantastique (as indicated by their specially decorated Legion Fantastique badges), but there are hidden judges among them! It could be Captain Nemo. It could be Miss Grant. It could be our maid! Even we don’t know who they all are. So be polite. You are going to have to come to Legion Fantastique anytime on December 10th from 10am – 5pm and chat with various members of Legion and tell them of your exploits, show them your artifacts, and let them question your theories! The more members you meet, the greater the chances are that you’ve met one of the L.F.S.R.C.! So, don’t be shy…be bold! There’s a brave chap! The committee will then secretly meet at 5pm in their private chambers and determine the winners of this year’s Consortium prizes!


The Award Ceremony will be held at Legion Fantastique this year – AT 5:30pm!!

All persons who wish to submit themselves for a prize MUST BE PRESENT at award ceremony – NO EXCEPTIONS!! Yes, we know you would like to go see “rampant totty” at Mad Sal’s or Naughty French Postcards…but you MUST be at Legion to collect your prize or it will be forfeit to the next “runner up”.

“What are the prizes?”

You may well ask…

We can’t tell you what all of them are…but the grand prize is scheduled to be a piece of original concept art from the motion picture “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” (along with a few other surprises)!*

*Prizes subject to availability.

We may even have a few surprise guests as well!

Anything can happen…and probably will…at the 5th Annual Steam Explorer’s Consortium!

"Look here...Finding the Dickens Fair is easy!"


One Response to “The 5th Annual STEAM EXPLORERS’ CONSORTIUM”

  1. […] In what has become a Dickens Fair tradition, the Steam Explorer’s Consortium is always a great time and is a fun chance to show off your fanciest accoutrements and hone your steampunk character. We’re playing it a little differently this year, and we have some splendid prizes in store for you! For more information, head on over to Mister Fogg’s blog. […]

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