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Reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated!

Posted in General Information on June 18, 2011 by Peter Overstreet


“Legion Fantastique….dead?”

There has been some speculation, as of late, as to whether or not Legion Fantastique is dead or defunct.

“Vicious lies!” exclaims Phileas Fogg, “All of them! Rest assured, that Legion Fantastique is still on the never ending quest for new vistas in Science, Exploration and Imagination!”

Many of the members have merely been out having a plethora of adventures, and have been slowly returning to London. Mr Fogg, himself, has returned from Stockholm, Sweden, where he has been assisting a prominent museum regarding recent journeys to The Moon!

Legion Fantastique will return, as always, to the Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco this November – with some all new surprises! Recruitment (i.e. “auditions”) will be taking place early this year (as Mr. Fogg will be going abroad again, and needs as many hands on deck as possible) – sometime in July. Some of the surprises include a newly expanded clubhouse, new members, new specimens…and an announcement of stratospheric proportions!

Keep checking #7 Saville Row for audition dates, and announcements – all coming soon!