Legion Fantastique Invades Exploratorium!

Yes, those intrepid explorers, adventurers and ne’er-do-wells of Legion Fantastique were recently sighted at The Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA, for the museum’s annual member’s appreciation party!

Artwork Copyright 2010 Peter Overstreet

Guests were given the chance to meet creatures of the deep with Captain Nemo, discover new minerals with Prof. Liddenbrock and Miss Edgerton, Explore the wonders of flight with Prof. Flockmocker and his lovely test pilot – Mistress Branican,  marvel at Robur The Conquerer’s wondrous weaponry, and even experience the “demon of electricity” with Mr.Phileas Fogg and Princess Aouda!

“We were awed by the sheer number of highly intelligent children who wandered into our exhibit,” exclaimed Senora Paz of Peru, “they seemed amazed by the exhibits that Senor Fogg and Captain Nemo had brought with them…but were even more amazed by how much they had to teach us.”

Professor Phineas J. Flockmocker III had this to say – “Ah, yes! These tykes are the future here in the present, and their knowledge of the past will affect their lives in the future!”

Legion Fantastique had arrived in Nemo’s Nautilus (the Mark 2) and had just enough room to bring that amazing troupe of vocalists – Brass Farthing!

“They were pleasant enough,” exclaimed French adventurer Michel Ardan, “but I just can’t get ‘Bertha’s Mussels’ out of my head! Zut Alors!”

One of the stars of the evening was Legion’s Wimshurst Engine. Several LF members fascinated visitors with the flashy static electricity generator!

What does the future have in store for the amazing alliance between Legion and The Exploratorium? Who can say? Fun was certainly had by all, and as they left, the guests seemed ready to pursue further adventures into Science, Exploration, and Imagination!

Photo Courtesy of Princess Aouda!


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