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Honorary Legionnaire Profiles – Captain Scott Cassell

Posted in 1 on December 11, 2009 by Peter Overstreet

Legion Fantastique is known for its marine specialists. Captain Nemo, Ned Land and even Mr. Conseil of Paris have integrated themselves into our ranks and have, in their own unique ways, enriched the lives of hundreds of our visitors by giving them a little glimpse into the strange world of Earth’s oceans.

It is with great honor that we induct into our “Honorary Legionnaire” Hall, renowned oceanographer, diver, and adventurer – Capt. Scott Cassell!

As a young boy, Scott was influenced by the movie version of “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” to probe further into the realm of underwater exploration and became a diver at the age of 15. He has since accumulated well over 12,000 hours underwater as a mixed-gas commercial diver, 20-plus-year veteran of rebreather technologies, U.S. Coast Guard-qualified submersible pilot, counterterrorism diver, U.S. Navy-qualified diving supervisor and diving medical technician.

What makes Scott unique in the world of Oceanography is his extensive work with real monsters of the deep – Giant Humboldt Squid. His encounters with these fascinating and dangerous creatures have yielded incredible amounts of information about how these creatures live, feed, are affected by and affect the ecosystems of the oceans of the world.

It is largely through his work with the Humboldt Squid that Legion Fantastique has been able to develop techniques to capture, and maintain a giant squid in its tanks, specially designed by Captain Nemo, in the offices of #7 Saville Row. Unlike harpooneer, Ned Land, who believes that these creatures are nothing more than monsters to be slain, Cassell has begun work with members of Legion to educate the public on how these creatures are one of the strongest indicators of the effects of man’s misuse of the world’s oceans.

Cassell is now the President and CEO of the Undersea Voyager Project. The Undersea Voyager Project is a non-profit organization established to circumnavigate and study the Earth’s oceans (27,000 miles) at depths of 100–1,000 feet utilizing human piloted submersibles. The Project will advance and communicate scientific understanding of the oceans, their interrelationship with climate, and human impact on the marine environment to a global audience.

Capt. Cassell happened upon Legion Fantastique during his recent visit to London, and has been accepted into the ranks of of Honorary Legionnaire. Legion Fantastique looks forward to helping Cassell with spreading the word about his endeavors. Welcome aboard, Captain!

To learn more about the Undersea Voyager Project, please visit: