Legionnaire Profiles – Mistress Dolly Branican


Mistress Dolly Branican, originally from San Diego, CA, found herself on the hunt for her long lost husband, Captain Branican of the U.S.S. Franklin,  in the deepest “Outback” of Australia! Once thought to be clinically insane (long since disproved by her peers), Mistress Branican became an advocate for the aboriginal peoples of Australia. She has made a study of these amazing people and their culture, and hopes to bring her knowledge to the people of the world by joining Legion Fantastique.

Her charter in Legion began when she was attempting a return voyage to North America aboard the ship, The Magelania, and she found herself amongst the rescuers of Captain Cyrus Harding and his fellow castaways. After nursing the men back to health, it was Harding and Branican who learned that a mysterious man that Harding  encountered on Lincoln Island was not the infamous “pirate”, Captain Nemo – but an impostor! The real Captain Nemo was found on the shores of Jamaica, already crafting a small, sea-worthy vessel. 

As the Magelania reached the harbor in Monterey, California, Branican & Nemo soon found themselves in the company of Mr. Phileas Fogg and his valet, Passepartout. After intense debates, Fogg convinced Captain Nemo to join his quickly growing brotherhood of explorers and thinkers. But it was Branican who convinced Nemo to finally provide Legion with the means to create the Nautilus Mark III – a fearsome machine that, at first glance, looked like it was armed for war…but was, in fact, the ultimate undersea exploration vehicle.

Mistress Branican’s tough exterior hides a nurturing soul – determined to bring understanding between the peoples of the world. Her skill with a firearm is formidable, as is her abilities with an aboriginal boomerang. Any man who underestimates Branican’s stalwart nature is doomed to feel the sting of her tongue…or the heel of her boot.


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  1. You must write more about mistress!

  2. Super ,this post is something really worth to read … so its strongly adviced , thank you!

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