Professor Perry Does It Again!

Professor Abner Perry, one of Prof. Phineas J. Flockmocker III’s comrades in the secret labs of Legion Fantastique, reactivated his patented Time Pack and attempted to send Legion’s test pilot, Captain Nicholas Dakota forward in time. Unfortunately, Nick overshot his mark and sucked the entire lab through the time stream – into 2009!

"Damn you, Dakota!"


The team soon found themselves at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, California – surrounded by thinkers, inventors, craftspeople and just plain freaks! It was apparent, that Perry’s Time Pack had also pulled dozens of sister scientific organizations through the vortex as well. The Neverwas Haul, Kinetic SteamWorks, and many others found themselves clustered together for safety amid the rabid denizens of the 21st Century.


Photo courtesy of pewtersmith... Thanks, Kevin!

Photo courtesy of "pewtersmith"... Thanks, Kevin!



The natives were restless as they hunted our team down with their maniacal chant of “Kin-I-Takur-Piktur! Kin-I-Takur-Piktur! Kin-I-Takur-Piktur!” – forcing our team into the various exhibit halls for safety!

Robur the Conqueror, Agent John Strock, Sara Paz, Miss Kitty Taylor, Princess Aouda, Master Evan Wever, Nova Robb, Lady Munro, Impey Barbicane, and Michael Ardan scoured the Maker Faire for an appropriate power source to refuel Perry’s Time Pack … but only finding giant mouse traps, fire artists, fancy lights for bicycle wheels, sparking electrical towers, and automated cupcakes! 

Finally, with the help of the crew of the Neverwas Haul, and the ever resourceful Master Wever, found an appropriate power source for the birilium sphere in the Time Pack – Mentos & Diet Coke! With a woosh they were all returned to present time – 1871. With such a disturbing glance into the future, one wonders what amazing inventions may come to life in the halls of #7 Saville Row.


Master Evan - The Hero of the Day!

Master Evan - The Hero of the Day!


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