Legionnaire Profiles – Senora Sara Paz


Senora Paz has come to England to seek military protection and financial assistance for the native people of The Republic of Peru. A tumultuous courtship brought the plight of the common people to her attention, and she decided to dedicate herself to improving their lives after what may be decades after Peru’s participation in the War of the Pacific.

She has grown fond of Phileas Fogg’s interest in cultural diversity and understanding, as well as his love for exotic food. Together they have introduced British society to some of the amazing dishes from Peru.  

Senora Paz has also established ties with Princess Aouda and Lady Munro – both of India. These three women, all influential in their respective cultures, have become a progressive force of feminine equality. 

Her love for games, food, and social graces have brought a unique world view to social gatherings of Legion Fantastique.


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