Honorary Legionnaire Profiles – Master Evan Wever

Master Evan Robb

Master Evan Wever, another one of our Honorary Members, was first introduced to Mr. Phileas Fogg through the man known simply as Robur the Conqueror. This young man has proven himself to be a wizard of research, and a devil with a fencing foil. On his most recent visit to La Legion Fantastique, Fogg was told an amazing story of how Master Evan defended his mother against three members of the Tong of the Black Scorpion in Shanghai. 

Master Evan Robb being sworn in!

Apparently, Master Evan Wever, and his delightful mother – an enigmatic woman named Nova, were traveling through Shanghai when they were confronted by servants of the evil Wu Syn – the leader of the Tong of the Black Scorpion. They had cornered mother and son in a dark alleyway in the fishing district. Evan, ever resourceful, fought off two of the masked men with a fisherman’s grappling hook. Nova, herself, showed great virtue and bravery as she fended off the third man. However, not long after Evan had disposed of his first two opponents, by toppling them into the waters of the harbor, the third man pulled a knife on them. Evan was wounded while defending his mother, yet prevailed by using his size to trip his attacker and disarmed the man! The three would-be assassins ran off into the night, leaving the victorious Robbs alone for the duration of their journey. 

Master Evan Wever showed the scars from the battle to Mr. Fogg, Prof. Lidenbrock, and Michael Strogoff. Strogoff, a burly Russian who once fought a mighty bear single-handed, was very impressed by the young man’s fighting skills. Robur the Conqueror was so impressed with Master Evan Robb, that he has taken him on as part of the weapons crew aboard his flying machine – The Terror.

Evan Robb

Having young people like Master Evan Wever as Honorary Members of Legion Fantastique has proven just how influential the virtues of Science, Exploration and Imagination can be on generations to come!

Welcome aboard, Master Evan Wever!


One Response to “Honorary Legionnaire Profiles – Master Evan Wever”

  1. Judy Pischalnikoff Says:

    Dear legion Fantastique,
    Good to see you at Maker Faire last weekend. good to be back at the Haul.

    I would like to offer my Egyption collection for your next slide adventure for Dickens’ Fair. We have a sarcofagus and Egyption art pottery and jewelery also a tomb painting for walls. I will be shortly makeing my back yard into a red-tailed hawk sanctuary of one. Long story. So please come for the weekend while the space is avalable for a photo shoot.

    Judy and Andy ( Red beard and pith helmet in kilt)
    (916) 689-5699

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