Legionnaire Profiles – Michel Ardan


Monsieur Michel Ardan

Michel Ardan has proven to be one of Legion’s more adventurous members and a true Renaissance Man. On advice of Mr. Impey Barbicane, Phileas Fogg joined Monsieur Ardan on one of his exciting ballooning expeditions. Fogg marveled at this dandy’s ability as an aeronaut, photographer, businessman, bohemian, scientist and ladies’ man.  Ardan has never exhibited the slightest inkling of fear during his many death-defying feats … a quality that Fogg feels is key to any adventurer’s personality.

It was Michel Ardan who, along with Mr. Barbicane and one Captain Nicholl (and 2 dogs) were launched from a giant cannon, named The Columbiad, and made a complete journey around the moon! There were some rumors, as well, that Ardan was involved in a massive glut of real estate purchases near the North Pole – but no evidence has been presented to corroborate this story.

Ardan is one of Legion’s photographers, and along with being an integral member of many of the group’s expeditions, is the Chief Exploration Preparations Officer. He has also impressed upon his comrades a need for exquisite taste and manners of polite society – virtues that Michael Strogoff has had some difficulty with…but Ardan remains optimistic.


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  1. I am interested in finding a group of steampunk minded folks in the SF Bay Area, that would be interested in acting in a short film. Your site if the closest I have found. If you are interested, please contact me. Thank you.

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