Return to the Center of the Earth – The Book!

The Fogg Expedition!

Many of our visitors at #7 Saville Row have been captivated by our magic lantern presentation of  our “Return to the Center of the Earth” – in which Phileas Fogg ventures into the anti-diluvian world of ancient creatures and strange subterranean landscapes! As our educational department has pointed out to us, merely showing them on a screen limited the public’s access to these fascinating discoveries. So we have published a photographic journal of our adventure!


If you would like to purchase a copy of “Return to the Center of the Earth”, please visit our storefront by CLICKING HERE.  Proceeds from the sales of these books help Legion Fantastique further their explorations into SCIENCE, EXPLORATION, & IMAGINATION!

Reese Calhoun explains his dinosaur hunting techniques!

Even Reese Calhoun of The Ozarks has purchased a copy of this exciting scientific journal! Mostly because he could barely remember any of his own adventures…but that’s another story…


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