Legionnaire Profiles – Prof. Otto Lidenbrock.

Prof. Liddenbrock

Professor Otto Lidenbrock, formerly of Hamburg, is now one of the veteran members of Legion Fantastique. Lidenbrock gained worldwide notoriety for his journey into the center of the earth his his nephew Axel Lidenbrock and Icelandic farmer/ mountaineer Hans Bjelke. He  joined Legion Fantastique with the intention of dissuading Phileas Fogg from retracing the Lidenbrock Expedition’s route into our planet’s interior. He may have failed in stopping Legion’s daredevil President on taking a near fatal journey, but he has agreed to remain as Legion Fantastique’s chief Minerologist.

A man of extreme impatience, Prof. Lidenbrock has come to near blows with certain members of Legion over the faintest suggestion of the team returning to the center of the earth on a third journey!  However, Fogg and his supporters have assured that there will be no return trip…for now.


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