Honorary Legionnaire Profiles – Master Evan Streshinsky

Master EvanMaster Evan Streshinsky (age 10) first joined Legion Fantastique two years ago, as one of it’s “Honorary Members”. These “Junior Legionnaires” are given sponsorship from the roster of adventurers, scientists and explorers, and are given tasks to improve their minds – and perhaps better the world with Science, Exploration and Imagination!

This diligent young man has proven himself an explorer of incomparable ability! During his first interview, Master Evan had foiled Professor Moriarty’s attempts at disrupting one of Phileas Fogg’s lectures, had compared notes with Captain Nemo in undersea navigation, and contemplated the manly art of self-defense with a sword at the hands of Don Diego de la Vega.

Master Evan’s first year assignment was to bring back a field report from one of his explorations.  After months of preparation, Evan, and his family, departed for Tibet. There they encountered a vast, mountainous wilderness, and strange cultures. However, they were not alone on their journey. Here, for the first time, is Master Evan’s first-hand account of what actually happened!

I was on a holiday in the Himalayas, but actually, we were in a Tibetan monastery. There were strange rumors about a so-called “Yeti” I was hearing. It amazed me so much I wanted to find out the truth. So I asked the head monk. Since he said “humbug” (which reminded me of Mr. Scrooge), I asked Mum & Dad to go hiking. Luckily they agreed. We went to Mount Everest. I went as far as I could from the trail with a sketchbook to the nearest cave on purpose. For some strange reason I heard growling & saw Tibetan masks. There were also white fur skins. When I looked back I saw the real thing. A yeti! I was so scared I didn’t even hear it say, “How do you do?”. When I realized what it said I stopped. This yeti was not evil & man-eating but kind & polite, so I sat on a tall ice-block & and gave it a survey. Here is my Q & A:


Q: Are you male or female?

A: Male

Q: How do you tell the difference?

A: For color. Male is white & female is brown.

Q: Why are people so afraid of you?

A: It must be my appearance. I’m not bad.

Q: Do you have an idea of how we could stop people from being afraid of you?

A: Well, maybe you could get the word out with the newspapers. Then important adults would hopefully do something about it.

So you see, I would like to ask you (Legion Fantastique) to help me start H.A.G.G.I.S. (Help Abominable Beings Get Good In Snow). It’s every Yeti’s only hope.

After his initial presentation, Master Evan was awarded a brass compass for his efforts by Mr. Phileas Fogg and was, indeed, granted the proper funds to found H.A.G.G.I.S., and is currently living among his newfound friends in Tibet with his parents. Fogg has since requested that Master Evan labour on some sort of invention that would benefit H.A.G.G.I.S., and looks forward to seeing what this brave young man will create.


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