Legion Rides Again!!

Phileas Fogg receiving a demonstration of Flockmocker's Moon Suit!

After a near-fatal adventure in China (involving the fragments of a golden meteor), Mr. Phileas Fogg and his comrades of La Legion Fantastique are home – safe and sound.

This journey was undertaken by Robur (“The Conqueror”) and several others, not long after their month-long recruitment gathering at #7 Saville Row, in London. During what has been dubbed “The Dickens Christmas Fair”, Legion Fantastique (or LF as its members lovingly refer to it), the ranks of Legion were doubled with the likes of Michel Ardan, Edith Edgerton, and Mistress Dolly Brannican (member profiles soon to be posted) …


Even Her Majesty,  Queen Victoria, paid a brief visit to #7 Saville Row to honor this band of proud adventurers. In the weeks to come, we will be updating our journal to share some of our experiences with you (after a long, and unfortunate, sojourn).

Please keep checking back as we delve further into “Science, Exploration, and Imagination!”


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