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Legion’s Journey to San Francisco

Posted in 1 on October 12, 2008 by Peter Overstreet

On October 11, 1871, Phileas Fogg and his intrepid band of “Legionnaires” landed on Pier 45 in San Francisco, CA aboard a United States ironclad (courtesy of President Ulysses S. Grant via American Agent John Strock). Fogg was joined by Princess Aouda, Captains Robur & Nemo, Miss. Sera Serta, Impey Barbicane, Michael Ardan, Axel Liddenbrock, Mr. Conseil (of the Maritime Institue of Paris), Miss Edith Edgerton, Ivan Magomedeliev (brother to former member Issac), Miss Anna Q. Blacklock, Mistress Brannican, Miss Nina Caparelli, and a few other surprises!

On their arrival, they discovered a remarkable place called Musee’ Mechanique. There they found all sorts of amazing devices of delight! They waltzed to wurlitzers, marveled at Madame Zorah, and tested their strength against powerful machines!

From there they found an amazing plethora of shops and vendors who were selling amazing maritime specimens of a great variety! Mr. Conseil acquired a “pickled” shark phoetus to examine later in his laboratory…while Princess Aouda amused herself (and the others) by grabbing sea shells with a mechanical shark’s head!

A leisurely carriage ride along the Barbary Coast brought our troops to the infamous Pier 39. Never before had our adventurers encountered such a den of waste and depravity! However, the United States Naval forces were assembled for something called “Fleet Week”…and took great delight in pitting their machines against Robur’s flying machine – The Terror! Needless to say, The Terror moved at such great speeds, that the naked eye could not see it!

In a moment that will go down in infamy, Mr. Barbicane of Baltimore’s Gun Club, made a wager with Mr. Phileas Fogg that our founder would not attempt using taught jungle vines to leap high into the air and do back flips! Being a man who could never resist a wager, Mr. Fogg accepted the challenge – with great success! He bounced high, and “hammed it up” for the audience, and attempted several flips in mid-air. However, the harness he was wearing caused minor injuries, an he is currently convalescing at #7 Saville Row.

From there…our heroes travelled to the mysterious Rainforest Cafe, where they weathered mighty storms, braved dangerous mechanical creatures, and fended off ferocious natives (tourists) – all while dining on delicious food stuffs!

This adventure was meant as a promotional venture to help spread the world about the Dickens Christmas Fair…where their latest adventures can be seen, and where visitors, themselves, are always guaranteed their own adventures into Science, Exploration and Imagination.

A Gallery of Photographs of this adventure, may be seen HERE!