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Phileas Fogg Begins New Venture!

Posted in The Bulletin on September 18, 2008 by Peter Overstreet
Mr. Fogg, setting out for another dangerous expedition!

Mr. Fogg, setting out for another dangerous expedition!

Mr. Phileas Fogg, the founder, owner and proprietor of La Legion Fantastique, has embarked on a new expedition! Once again, Fogg intends to circumnavigate the globe in search of the most adventurous, daring, scientific, and forward thinking individuals to join him on his quest for SCIENCE, EXPLORATION, and IMAGINATION!

Fogg has teamed up with Miss. Edith Edgerton from the United States, and Prof. Phineas J. Flockmocker III (another “yank”) to recruit the world’s most unusual personalities from around the globe! They will be transported, aboard the multi-terrain transporation conveyance (“The Terror”) to various locations with the help of the mysterious Captain Robur, Agent John Strock, Lady Caroline Munro, and the equally mysterious Captain Nemo.

“Our fist stop,” said Fogg, as he was checking equipment outside his famous club at #7 Saville Row, “will be Siberia, where I have heard tale of a remarkable gentleman who serves the Czar in remarkable ways.”

Fogg, and his team, also plan to go to Thailand, Germany, Iceland, Australia, and several other location which he is, “not at liberty to comment upon at this time.”

“I am thrilled by the opportunities this presents us,” adds Miss Edgerton, “we’ll be travelling over, on and through some of the most amazing geological strata in the world. Some of which has never been seen by Western eyes!”

When asked why he should aid Fogg in this adventure, Robur merely replied, “I’m merely looking forward to breaking Mr. Fogg’s record of 80 days!”

Some have been concerned with rumors regarding Mr. Fogg’s funds. No one knows exactly how Mr. Fogg made his fortunes before his now infamous wager with The Reform Club, in which Fogg wagered that he could circumnavigate the globe in 80 days, but now Fogg has been spending money in great amounts. Two years ago, Fogg and his investors were nearly driven to bankruptcy when the Paris branch of La Legion Fantastique was burned to the ground in a freak accident. However, Fogg managed to establish an amiable business agreement with the beautiful Lady Caroline Munro, an ex-patriate who has taken up residence aboard a magnificent steam-powered elephant. Some claim that Munro is actually the owner of Legion…however both she and Fogg deny this. Munro has be a rather controversial figure, and has been involved in several scandals in polite circles…so many question any claims made by her.

Some have also been concerned about a recent mysterious disappearance of Phileas Fogg during the past three months. He recently returned, as inexplicably as he vanished, about a week ago and when asked of his recent whereabouts he would only reply, “Steel Town”.

Fogg has promised to send updates and informational telegraphs at regular intervals during his journey.