La Legion Fantastique – 2008 AUDITIONS!


Firstly, I would like to extend a giant “Merci” / “Thank you” to everyone (audience and participants alike – from around the world) for their support and enthusiasm last year, which made our inaugural year of La Legion Fantastique a hit at the 2007 Dickens Christmas Fair. Now the clock is ticking, and we must begin the process of creating an even bigger and better show!

Our returning cast has already begun holding monthly rehearsals…and we are now scheduling auditions for the many shows and characters that inhabit La Legion Fantastique!

We are looking for dedicated, friendly, and talents actors and artists to join us in our quest to faithfully bring the worlds of Jules Verne to vibrant life! If you would like to take on the challenge of being bigger than life Victorian-age science fiction characters in a fully immersive theatrical environment … we want to meet you!

Not only are we looking for environmental actors (characters from Verne’s books), but we are also looking for someone to play the coveted role of Mr. Jules Verne himself! We are also looking for 3 actors for the Legion Fantastique children’s show – “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”. This is a high-energy, physical, audience participation show that will be performed daily…so we need actors who are outgoing, can project vocally, and won’t mind multiple weeknight rehearsals in October-November.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO AUDITION – Please send an email to: (with something particularly Jules Verne related in the subject header…just to see that you’re paying attention) to schedule an audition time and to receive our list of characters we are looking to cast. If you could please send a recent photo of yourself as well, that would help. The following dates are currently planned for auditions:


PLEASE NOTE: We have limited space this year, and we will be unable to cast everyone who auditions…so please be aware that an audition is not a guarantee for a role.

We hope to see you there!

-Peter Overstreet (a.k.a. Phileas Fogg)
dir. La Legion Fantastique


2 Responses to “La Legion Fantastique – 2008 AUDITIONS!”

  1. Drat! It sounds like a lot of fun, but I’ve got a pretty crazy schedule coming up in the next couple of months…. perhaps next year.

    Have fun! If nothing else, I will be sure to come see the fair!

  2. The Legion Fantastique sounds fantastique. Please send me more information. thanks

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