The Seven Fatal Fingers of Deadly Death!


Our intrepid auxiliary members, Major Jonas Junquebucket and Captain Thaddeus Thicketristle (“Tadger” for short) have been called upon to represent Mr. Phileas Fogg’s team in a rough and tumble town of Albany, California. The town is about to celebrate its centennial, and has called upon J&T (as they are known by hundreds of their fans…most of whom being small, uneducated children) to protect the ceremony with their usual heroism.


“It is an honor,” exclaimed Junquebucket at the news, “an honor, I say. Mwuh-HA! Yes, ol’ Tadger and I will knock any simpering villain off of their rocker if they dare raise their ugly heads in our vicinity! Mwuh-HA!”

Many have speculated as to what villain has chosen to threaten the festivities. Is it the Nefarious Wu-Syn of China? Is it the ancient Egyptian mummy Ra-Ma-Hoo-Hah-Tep?

Is it the American masterminds Tiberius & Wysteria Frost (who once challenged J&T in the now infamous Great Race of London)?

Who can say?

Not I…all this intrepid reporter hopes is that J&T give them a good “jolly what for”!

J&T hope to be accompanied by their usual entourage of dedicated colleagues…including Prof. Phineas J. Flockmocker III, F.H.S.G.!

The City of Albany’s Centennial Celebrations

July 20th, 2008

Downtown Albany, CA

Mr. Phileas Fogg has declined to make any statements about the affair.


One Response to “The Seven Fatal Fingers of Deadly Death!”

  1. Annie Oakley Says:

    What a shame … I am a great supporter of all sports, most especially the bicycle. I shall have to try shooting from one, one of these days. Sadly, I will not be in London nor Albany, nor anywhere near. I shall cheer you on at a distance.

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