21st Century Scourge Uncovered!

While stranded in the 21st century, Fogg and The Legionnaires were captured on something called a “pod-caste”. These horrible devices seem to be embedded on the arms, thighs and breast pockets on thousands of future residents of San Francisco. Prof. Perry, and a 21st century tinkerer known only as “Doc”, managed to discern some of the coded materials planted in these “Eye Pods”. One can only hope that this evidence may prevent these mechanical demons from taking over the world.

To hear the electric materials…CLICK HERE!

To learn more about the mysterious “Doc”….CLICK HERE!


One Response to “21st Century Scourge Uncovered!”

  1. Annie Oakley Says:

    A lovely set of interviews and reviews …
    For those of you who may be limited in time (the entire pod-caste takes well over an hour) “Doc” actually presents his interview of our intrepid group around the 51st minute. He even read my sharpshooting tip! Bravo.

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