Legion Encounters Time Storm!

Phileas Fogg and his Legionnaires recently made a third attempt at a journey to the center of the earth with the hopes of recovering “lost” members of their previous endeavor. During an altercation involving one of Captain Robur’s newest inventions, a time storm was activated and our heroes were thrown into the year 2008. Not only had they been transported through time, but they found themselves in the very core of sin and depravity – San Francisco!

On their arrival, they found themselves at a bizarre religious gathering known as WonderCon! They were surrounded by thousands of strange beings including weather controlling soldiers in white armor, vendors of colorful religious icons and tomes, and someone called “Big Boy” (who saved our famished heroes by feeding them a copious amount of cheeseburgers).

There were many great heads of state and religious leaders recruiting followers or peddling their images to the downtrodden masses. One cultist named Ernie Fosselius seemed enthusiastic in aiding our heroes, but was unable to accomplish much with his vacuum cleaner and hand puppets. Fogg had a chance encounter with a strange man named “The Doctor”, whom Fogg believed he had encountered twice before while working as an adviser at the newly established Torchwood Institute.

Professor Perry

After sor L.F.I.C.everal hours of asking for help from the citizens of this horrible world, Prof. Perry (the latest addition to the crew of Legion Fantastique’s “Steamship Alpha”) arrived with his temporal backpack. After fueling “Perry’s Pack” with something called a “G.I. Joe” and a volatile liquid called “Diet Pepsi”, The Legionnaires were able to punch a hole in the fabric of time and space and return to the 19th Century!

On their return, Fogg has sworn to try and guide humanity away from the state he found it in.


7 Responses to “Legion Encounters Time Storm!”

  1. Annie Oakley Says:

    I felt we were lucky to come out alive – yet without a penny to our names. Seems this strange world has an obsession for buying & selling. It was adictive and I nearly found myself unable to carry the load of goods foisted on me (at a price!) It was then that I came to my senses – and made Mr. Fogg carry it.

    I told Col. Cody (Buffalo Bill) about our adventure. He didn’t believe a word of it.

  2. Passepartout Says:

    And again poor Passepartout is left in the lurch with one of Professor Flockmocker’s patented feather dusters in one hand and only one foot in a shoe…

    Must you always go gallivanting off at the drop of a hat, master? At least give me time to gather his belongings and supplies!

    Then again, with my luck I would have been left in the future and needed to find my own way back to the past… err… present… err… crosseyed…

  3. Capt. Robur Says:

    I managed to retrieve a container of this “Diet Pepsi” and am investigating its’ usefulness as a fuel source for my conveyances. Strong stuff.

  4. Lady Munro Says:

    I say! I am still utterly confused by the copious numbers of men all clamoring for my photograph.
    I am also astonished at how odd some of those folks from the future are. A religious convention indeed. They had ten times more idols than in the farthest reaches of the orient combined! And the idols had the most outlandish costumes!

  5. Princess Aouda Says:

    Actually, I thought the people were quite jolly. I was most impressed however with the moving stairs. Imagine going from one level to the next effortlessly. Indeed I should like very much to visit the future again. What do you think Phileas?

  6. Agent Strock Says:

    While its emboldening that this fair country of mine will be around for quite some time, it is also quite scary to how large and dare is I say “shinny” it will be come. But upon returning to my own place I will take what I have seen as great comfort, knowing what work we have to do to set the stage for ALL of these future heroes.

  7. Annie Oakley Says:

    A note to Agent Strock: Were you aware of the experimentations being conducted on this Pep-si by Captain Robur. I do believe you should investigate at once!

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