Our Latest Recruits!

La Legion Fantastique welcomes its latest assemblage of Steam Explorers – Weapons specialist Lady Almira Inchcombe, her companion – the enigmatic “Captain Mouse” (Captain of the airship H.M.S. Chronabelle), Ann Marie Savage, and a courageous gentleman known only as “The Saber” (our security officer, John Strock, is working on deciphering this man’s true identity).

Lady Almira and “Captain Mouse” secured “The Black Dossier” for themselves with their fascinating steam jet pistol! Miss Savage and “The Saber” were awarded scientific tools and anthropological samples for their contributions to Legion!

Legion Fantastique entertained an incredible assortment of visitors, including the pilots and engineers of The Neverwas Haul. Captain Nemo, Robur, and Prof. Flockmocker will soon be working with the Neverwas crew on their latest inventions! Mr. Fogg is pleased to announce an alliance between these two great organizations…but that’s another story.


2 Responses to “Our Latest Recruits!”

  1. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I’ve only recently learned of the Legion but already am a great admirer of all its dashing and scientific members. Such a tragedy that I attended on the wrong day- what a sight it would have been to see so many explorers! I certainly am looking forward to future expeditions of the Legion.

    I was the ridiculously shy lass on Sunday the 9th of December who failed to talk to anyone and just sketched. Had a fantastic afternoon though, all thanks to you lot. Please convey a most earnest “Thank you” to all the Legion members.

  2. Greetings! I met your group today at WonderCon. I was the Colonial Marine.

    A friend and I are most interested in perhaps costuming in this genre. Would love to know more about it. All of your groups costumes were excellently done.

    Do you have a discussion forum?

    Thanks much!


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