Lady Munro – Our New Benefactor!

The illustrious, and exceedingly beautiful, Lady Munro has taken a temporary residence at No.7 Saville Row. After leaving her husband, Colonel Munro, she began a secret love affair with the Maharaja – the owner of the famous “Steam House” (which consists of a giant, mechanical elephant). She has spent many hours discussing science with Captain Nemo, and has taken a strong liking to Princess Aouda, which whom she spends countless hours with over exotic teas.

Lady Munro has been so impressed with the goings-on at Legion Fantastique, that she has promised an annual stipend to Fogg and his Legionaires.

“Mr. Fogg’s efforts are geared towards benefiting humanity,” said Lady Munro, “and as a woman of the new age, I am honored to provide the financial support necessary to allow the work of Legion Fantastique to continue.”

It is rumored, that Lady Munro wishes The Steam House to be relocated to London.


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