Newest Members of Legion Fantastique!

Lady Munro

During the grueling hours of construction on La Legion’s British branch, at #7 Saville Row, Mr. Fogg has successfully recruited new members to our ranks!

First on our list is Lady Munro of India. Apparently, rumors of her demise have been greatly exaggerated, and she has been spending a good deal of time with her new husband, Prince Nana Sahib – a strong advocate for the mutineers in India. Her intention is to bring enlightenment to both her people and the citizens of her native London by joining forces with Fogg and his motley crew. She has also brought her husband’s famous steam powered elephant to London. The rumors that a possibly bankrupt Fogg is using this opportunity to restock La Legion’s coffers is purely speculation.

Next is the rough and ready Canadian sailor, Ned Land – one of the brave survivors of the “Nautilus Incident”. Land, now working with the East India Trading Co.’s shipping lines, has agreed to aid Fogg with eyewitness accounts and security for Legion’s remaining branch.

La Legion will also be graced by a visit from Jean Eugene Robert Houdin, the famous French prestidigitator!

Another performer joining La Legion is none other than Cesar Cascabel – circus performer and professional adventurer!

Lastly, a contingent from Florida’s “Gun Club”, the society of men who supposedly fired a group of men in a metal capsule up to the moon and back, will be visiting La Legion during their tour of England.

You, our beloved public, are urged to visit with these great men and women of science, exploration and imagination at La Legion Fantastique! We will be opening our doors soon. Learn more about how to visit us HERE.


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