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LEGION FANTASTIQUE presents “The Steam Explorers’ Contest”

Posted in The Bulletin on November 27, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

During the 3rd weekend of Dickens Fair, La Legion Fantastique will be holding the very first “Steam Explorers’ Contest”.

Gear Up, Robur!

Saturday, Dec. 8 2007, come to the Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco, CA and wear your finest Steampunk / Jules Verne gear! Come find us at La Legion Fantastique, and show us your gear!

Only one person will win this year’s prize – a hardcover copy of Alan Moore’s latest graphic novel : “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier”.

Judging begins from 11am – 3:30pm. The winner will be announced at 4pm at Legion Fantastique! Our judges, the Legionaires (Captain Nemo, Robur the Conquerer, Ned Land, etc.) will be happy to meet you and learn more about yourself and your kit / invention(s).

The winner will be judged on originality, character, style, and period accuracy. All participants will be featured on our online galleries…and will become honorary members of La Legion Fantastique!


Photographic Evidence!

Posted in General Information on November 27, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

Captain Nemo - Click to see Week One gallery.

Our photographer, Alfie Pratt, has taken a goodly sum of photographs of the construction and grand opening of the British branch of La Legion Fantastique. We are including these photographs so those who cannot make the crossing over The Atlantic may see our hallowed halls. Click on the portrait of Captain Nemo to visit our gallery.

For those of you who would like to visit us, please CLICK HERE to learn how!

Lady Munro – Our New Benefactor!

Posted in LEGIONAIRES on November 25, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

The illustrious, and exceedingly beautiful, Lady Munro has taken a temporary residence at No.7 Saville Row. After leaving her husband, Colonel Munro, she began a secret love affair with the Maharaja – the owner of the famous “Steam House” (which consists of a giant, mechanical elephant). She has spent many hours discussing science with Captain Nemo, and has taken a strong liking to Princess Aouda, which whom she spends countless hours with over exotic teas.

Lady Munro has been so impressed with the goings-on at Legion Fantastique, that she has promised an annual stipend to Fogg and his Legionaires.

“Mr. Fogg’s efforts are geared towards benefiting humanity,” said Lady Munro, “and as a woman of the new age, I am honored to provide the financial support necessary to allow the work of Legion Fantastique to continue.”

It is rumored, that Lady Munro wishes The Steam House to be relocated to London.

London Branch Grand Opening!

Posted in General Information on November 24, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

The British Branch of La Legion Fantastique has been opened to the general public. Hundreds of expectant Londoners perused the items in the now infamous “Fogg Collection”.

Phileas Fogg, and his dedicated crew of “Legionaires” tended to the opening without any notable incidents.

More photographic records will be available soon!

If you would like to visit the London Branch, CLICK HERE!


Posted in LEGIONAIRES on November 13, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

The man known only as Robur “The Conquerer” has been apprehended by authorities in the United States. He was held accused of deliberate destruction of the Paris branch of La Legion Fantastique, among several other brazen attacks with his fearsome heat weapon. His flying machine, The Albatross 2, was destroyed during a battle between Robur and his arch nemesis – the American agent named John Strock. After his arrest, he was extradited to England and was awaiting trial when he was suddenly released on bail by none other than Phileas Fogg!

No one knows the reasoning behind Fogg’s charity towards this skybound terrorist. Many speculate that Fogg and Robur have conspired on the Paris blaze to fatten Legion’s coffers through insurance fraud…but this is purely speculation!

“We have much to learn from this man,” said Fogg in a brief public statement. “To merely convict the man of his actions, brazen and destructive as they may be, would be foolish during this incredible time of innovation and science.”

Robur will be working at Legion under the constant scrutiny of the Metropolitan Police Force in London. The damaged heat ray weapon from The Albatross 2 will be on display at the British branch of La Legion Fantastique.

Newest Members of Legion Fantastique!

Posted in LEGIONAIRES on November 7, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

Lady Munro

During the grueling hours of construction on La Legion’s British branch, at #7 Saville Row, Mr. Fogg has successfully recruited new members to our ranks!

First on our list is Lady Munro of India. Apparently, rumors of her demise have been greatly exaggerated, and she has been spending a good deal of time with her new husband, Prince Nana Sahib – a strong advocate for the mutineers in India. Her intention is to bring enlightenment to both her people and the citizens of her native London by joining forces with Fogg and his motley crew. She has also brought her husband’s famous steam powered elephant to London. The rumors that a possibly bankrupt Fogg is using this opportunity to restock La Legion’s coffers is purely speculation.

Next is the rough and ready Canadian sailor, Ned Land – one of the brave survivors of the “Nautilus Incident”. Land, now working with the East India Trading Co.’s shipping lines, has agreed to aid Fogg with eyewitness accounts and security for Legion’s remaining branch.

La Legion will also be graced by a visit from Jean Eugene Robert Houdin, the famous French prestidigitator!

Another performer joining La Legion is none other than Cesar Cascabel – circus performer and professional adventurer!

Lastly, a contingent from Florida’s “Gun Club”, the society of men who supposedly fired a group of men in a metal capsule up to the moon and back, will be visiting La Legion during their tour of England.

You, our beloved public, are urged to visit with these great men and women of science, exploration and imagination at La Legion Fantastique! We will be opening our doors soon. Learn more about how to visit us HERE.