Triumphant Return!

The key “Legionnaires” of Legion Fantastique have returned from their return journey to the center of the earth.

Phileas Fogg, Passepartout, and Axel Lidenbrock were joined by Baron Waldemar Metzger von Strelitz, Miss Anna Q. Blacklock (our resident ichthyologist), Isaak Magomedaliev (our herbologist) , and the American hunter Reese Calhoun. We managed to hire the renowned photographer, Algernon Dillingham, to record every step of our journey. While our scientists collected specimens and samples…Calhoun and the Baron hunted the wild beasts we found in the earth’s interior.

However…With great success comes some tragedy…unfortunately two of our party met gruesome fates. Mr. Magomedaliev was carried away to unknown regions by a pterodactyl after disturbing its nest. Baron Waldemar Metzger von Strelitz managed to kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex…but was soon crushed to death by the falling beast. Algernon, our photographer, was apparently eaten by The Baron’s Tyrannosaurus before it was shot to death.

Their names shall be immortalized in the scientific annals of Legion Fantastique.

A magic lantern slide presentation of the journey will be shown at our British branch at #7 Saville Row. Come and see it for yourself…Beginning November 23rd!

To learn more about how to visit us, CLICK HERE!


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