LEGIONAIRE PROFILES – Admiral David Dixon Porter

Rear Admiral David Dixon Porter, USN. is a seafarer, hero of the Mexican War, Civil War, SecNav under
Grant, and superintendant of the US Naval Academy. He is the head of the bureau of shipbuilding. During his journeys to England he is usually on official buisness, meeting with the Royal Navy. His foster brother is David Glasgow Farragut, and his father was Comodore David Porter of 1812 fame.

Porter is the one person who had ALL the facts on the encounter with Nautilus and the steam frigate Abraham Lincoln, from the USN’s POV. The official after-action report landed on his desk, marked “classified”, and he has since cross examined his reports with those of Professor Arronax. He occasionally works with Fogg, and the scientists of Legion Fantastique, on piecing together information about nautical machinery…especially Captain Nemo’s ship, The Nautilus.


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