Princess Aouda is a Parsi woman of royal blood from the deepest reaches of India. She was educated in the west and was returned to her homeland due to an arranged marriage. This marriage, however, was very brief as her intended husband was already deceased on her arrival!

When they first met, Fogg and Passepartout found Aouda being led to a sanctuary to be sacrificed the next day by Thuggee worshippers. In a valiant, and rather theatrical, rescue attempt, Passepartout and Fogg saved Aouda from the rather savage ritual funeral pyre and brought Aouda along on the rest of their journey around the world in 80 Days.

Despite rumors introduced by the rather romantic prose of Legion’s chronicler, Mr. Jules Verne, Fogg and Aouda were never married. There is no record of the alleged proposal even taking place. Aouda has an amazing head for mathematical figures and an extensive knowledge of exotic flora and fauna. This has cemented her place at Legion, as well as earning Fogg’s deepest respect.


2 Responses to “LEGIONAIRE PROFILES – Princess Aouda”

  1. Aouda Morazan Says:

    My first name is Aouda and I always wondered where the name came from.

    • My first name is Aouda as well, and I am a female asain. I too wondered where my name came from. For almost 30 years, many people would ask, and I was never sure. But now, I’m glad I found out and have a meaning behind it!

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