Herr Axel Lidenbrock, nephew to the famous Professor Lidenbrock of Hamburg, has graciously agreed to join Legion Fantastique! Axel, his Uncle, and a Danish eiderdown hunter named Hans Bjelke became famous a few years back when they took their extraordinary journey into the interior of The Earth! Axel is credited with the deciphering of a coded clue, written by the infamous Icelandic alchemist Arne Saknussemm, which led them on their journey.

After Phileas Fogg met with the Lidenbrocks during a lengthy visit to Hamburg, Fogg began to see the potential in further subterranean explorations. He quickly hired Axel as head of Legion’s geological library (a fine choice, considering most of the documents within the library were donated by the Lidenbrock family). Fogg was so enthusiastic that he almost had the entire building, in which Axel and his wife Graüben resided, moved brick-by-brick to London. However, the German authorities would not hear of such a thing!

It is hoped that Axel’s Uncle will join the research department of La Legion Fantastique…however his experiences during a recent return journey to the Earth’s interior may have soured their relations…But that’s another story.


One Response to “LEGIONARE PROFILES – Axel Lidenbrock”

  1. Hello, I read the book a journey to the centre of the earth by Jules Verne,the book is quite credible,but this picture is represented by Axel Lidenbrock ?.how are you sure about that?.Plese send me a mail if this picture is real? if it’s true,means that the travel was real! please send me.Cristian.

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