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Triumphant Return!

Posted in General Information, The Bulletin on October 28, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

The key “Legionnaires” of Legion Fantastique have returned from their return journey to the center of the earth.

Phileas Fogg, Passepartout, and Axel Lidenbrock were joined by Baron Waldemar Metzger von Strelitz, Miss Anna Q. Blacklock (our resident ichthyologist), Isaak Magomedaliev (our herbologist) , and the American hunter Reese Calhoun. We managed to hire the renowned photographer, Algernon Dillingham, to record every step of our journey. While our scientists collected specimens and samples…Calhoun and the Baron hunted the wild beasts we found in the earth’s interior.

However…With great success comes some tragedy…unfortunately two of our party met gruesome fates. Mr. Magomedaliev was carried away to unknown regions by a pterodactyl after disturbing its nest. Baron Waldemar Metzger von Strelitz managed to kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex…but was soon crushed to death by the falling beast. Algernon, our photographer, was apparently eaten by The Baron’s Tyrannosaurus before it was shot to death.

Their names shall be immortalized in the scientific annals of Legion Fantastique.

A magic lantern slide presentation of the journey will be shown at our British branch at #7 Saville Row. Come and see it for yourself…Beginning November 23rd!

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LEGIONAIRE PROFILES – Admiral David Dixon Porter

Posted in LEGIONAIRES, The Bulletin on October 16, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

Rear Admiral David Dixon Porter, USN. is a seafarer, hero of the Mexican War, Civil War, SecNav under
Grant, and superintendant of the US Naval Academy. He is the head of the bureau of shipbuilding. During his journeys to England he is usually on official buisness, meeting with the Royal Navy. His foster brother is David Glasgow Farragut, and his father was Comodore David Porter of 1812 fame.

Porter is the one person who had ALL the facts on the encounter with Nautilus and the steam frigate Abraham Lincoln, from the USN’s POV. The official after-action report landed on his desk, marked “classified”, and he has since cross examined his reports with those of Professor Arronax. He occasionally works with Fogg, and the scientists of Legion Fantastique, on piecing together information about nautical machinery…especially Captain Nemo’s ship, The Nautilus.


Posted in LEGIONAIRES on October 8, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

Princess Aouda is a Parsi woman of royal blood from the deepest reaches of India. She was educated in the west and was returned to her homeland due to an arranged marriage. This marriage, however, was very brief as her intended husband was already deceased on her arrival!

When they first met, Fogg and Passepartout found Aouda being led to a sanctuary to be sacrificed the next day by Thuggee worshippers. In a valiant, and rather theatrical, rescue attempt, Passepartout and Fogg saved Aouda from the rather savage ritual funeral pyre and brought Aouda along on the rest of their journey around the world in 80 Days.

Despite rumors introduced by the rather romantic prose of Legion’s chronicler, Mr. Jules Verne, Fogg and Aouda were never married. There is no record of the alleged proposal even taking place. Aouda has an amazing head for mathematical figures and an extensive knowledge of exotic flora and fauna. This has cemented her place at Legion, as well as earning Fogg’s deepest respect.


Posted in LEGIONAIRES on October 8, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

Herr Axel Lidenbrock, nephew to the famous Professor Lidenbrock of Hamburg, has graciously agreed to join Legion Fantastique! Axel, his Uncle, and a Danish eiderdown hunter named Hans Bjelke became famous a few years back when they took their extraordinary journey into the interior of The Earth! Axel is credited with the deciphering of a coded clue, written by the infamous Icelandic alchemist Arne Saknussemm, which led them on their journey.

After Phileas Fogg met with the Lidenbrocks during a lengthy visit to Hamburg, Fogg began to see the potential in further subterranean explorations. He quickly hired Axel as head of Legion’s geological library (a fine choice, considering most of the documents within the library were donated by the Lidenbrock family). Fogg was so enthusiastic that he almost had the entire building, in which Axel and his wife GraĆ¼ben resided, moved brick-by-brick to London. However, the German authorities would not hear of such a thing!

It is hoped that Axel’s Uncle will join the research department of La Legion Fantastique…however his experiences during a recent return journey to the Earth’s interior may have soured their relations…But that’s another story.

Annie Oakley Defends Legion!

Posted in General Information, The Bulletin on October 2, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

Miss Annie Oakley recently represented Legion Fantastique at an executive hearing at London’s Adventurer’s Club. The “A.C.”, as it has come to be known, is holding a series of meetings to determine if current members of Legion Fantastique should be admitted into their ranks. Miss Oakley has been longtime member, and hopes to aide her compatriots (namely, Phileas Fogg and Prof. Flockmocker) in their admission to the A.C..

“These boys have been kind and gracious to me,” said Oakley of Legion, “they deserve the respect of any visionary in this day and age. Members of the Adventurer’s Club have been gracious and understanding of Mr. Fogg’s efforts, so I am hopeful that these two organizations may come together to lead our world into a prosperous future!”