Return to the Center of the Earth?

The rumors are true! Professor Lidenbrock and Phileas Fogg are about to undertake a second journey to the center of the earth! Their intention is to collect specimens and effectively map the route to the earth’s interior.

There have been some complications, of course. The destruction of the Paris branch of La Legion Fantastique (at the hands of Robur the Conquerer), that plus the expense of building the Paris branch, have caused a major financial crisis. This obstacle, however, has been overcome by the generous donation of equipment, funds, and manpower, by Baron Waldemar Metzger von Strelitz – who has offered to fund the entire expedition on the sole condition that he be allowed to bring his entourage of big game hunters along. Baron von Strelitz hopes to bring back one of the dinosaurs of the “Hollow Earth” and have it mounted and put on display in his manor home.

Fogg and Liddenbrock have offered no comments regarding Baron von Strelitz’s rather “unscientific” purposes.


One Response to “Return to the Center of the Earth?”

  1. Annie Oakley Says:

    Mr. Fogg,
    I simply must protest. Unless the Baron is willing to eat the said creature, I should be very disappointed to find it stuffed and mounted. And while I am no scientist, I should think it very selfish to have such a creature brought to the attention of the world only to have it hidden away in someone’s parlor. Surely, Sir, there must be another way to achieve your expedition.
    Your concerned friend,

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