Two days ago, a mysterious package arrived on the doorstep of #7 Saville Row. There was no note, no indication as to where this parcel came from – only the address scrawled in blue ink. Imagine the collective surprise of Mr. Phileas Fogg and his associates when they opened the parcel to find a tiny scale model of the infamous submarine vessel known as “The Nautilus”! Made out of strange materials of unknown origin, the model matches eyewitness descriptions of Captain Nemo’s engine of destruction.

“It is hard to imagine,” stated Fogg, “the fear that swept over the victims of this terrible machine as it tore through the ocean waves at ferocious speeds. The mind behind this creation is certainly as vengeful as it is brilliant!”

The model has been turned over to Professor Pierre Arronax of the Science Institute of Paris, France, for further study. Arronax, and his lab assistant M. Conseil, are reputed to be the last living men to have seen Nemo alive.


3 Responses to “Is this THE NAUTILUS!?”

  1. Annie Oakley Says:

    Dear Mr. Fogg,
    I should be very interested to learn the scale of this magnificent model. Whoever produced it surely must be a genius. But just as one might be able to descern the creator of a particular shooting performance by the nuances unique to each shootist, perhaps this increadible find will have some tell-tale clues to who made it. I think it in good hands with the Professor.

  2. Andy Bradshaw Says:

    Dear MR Fogg,
    I see from your publication that you recieved my “mysterious package”. This model was recreated from descriptions of eye witnesses aboard the frigate USS Abraham Lincoln, in its encounter with the Nautilus. I assure you I sent the package; due to security considerations, it was unmarked, as had it not reached you, and fallen into unscrupulous hands, its origion could not be traced. Now that you know the facts from the proffesor and his company, you must understand my concern in this matter.
    I am travelling to London over the Christmas holidays, for consultation with the Royal Navy, and will look you up. I have , for your perusal, a classified copy of the Nautilus encounter taken directly from the captain’s log of the USS Lincoln. I am sure you will find it interesting. I cannot send it, as it must not leave my person. But President Grant, knowing of your circumnavigational exploits, judged you worthy of this information. Only your Queen and several senior RN officials share this information. I will be calling.
    Rear Admiral David Dixon Porter, Secretary of the Navy of the United States

  3. Jordan Law Says:

    Dear Mr Phileas Fogg,

    Your model of the Nautilus is incredible! Never could have anyone built such a fantastic invention. Captain Nemo must be brilliant! The design could definately strike fear to the hearts of sailors. May you treasure such a fine craftmanship of the submarine vessel. Mind you, Robur’s airship, The Albatross, is just as brillant!

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