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Return to the Center of the Earth?

Posted in General Information, The Bulletin on September 25, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

The rumors are true! Professor Lidenbrock and Phileas Fogg are about to undertake a second journey to the center of the earth! Their intention is to collect specimens and effectively map the route to the earth’s interior.

There have been some complications, of course. The destruction of the Paris branch of La Legion Fantastique (at the hands of Robur the Conquerer), that plus the expense of building the Paris branch, have caused a major financial crisis. This obstacle, however, has been overcome by the generous donation of equipment, funds, and manpower, by Baron Waldemar Metzger von Strelitz – who has offered to fund the entire expedition on the sole condition that he be allowed to bring his entourage of big game hunters along. Baron von Strelitz hopes to bring back one of the dinosaurs of the “Hollow Earth” and have it mounted and put on display in his manor home.

Fogg and Liddenbrock have offered no comments regarding Baron von Strelitz’s rather “unscientific” purposes.



Posted in The Bulletin on September 13, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

Two days ago, a mysterious package arrived on the doorstep of #7 Saville Row. There was no note, no indication as to where this parcel came from – only the address scrawled in blue ink. Imagine the collective surprise of Mr. Phileas Fogg and his associates when they opened the parcel to find a tiny scale model of the infamous submarine vessel known as “The Nautilus”! Made out of strange materials of unknown origin, the model matches eyewitness descriptions of Captain Nemo’s engine of destruction.

“It is hard to imagine,” stated Fogg, “the fear that swept over the victims of this terrible machine as it tore through the ocean waves at ferocious speeds. The mind behind this creation is certainly as vengeful as it is brilliant!”

The model has been turned over to Professor Pierre Arronax of the Science Institute of Paris, France, for further study. Arronax, and his lab assistant M. Conseil, are reputed to be the last living men to have seen Nemo alive.


Posted in General Information on September 6, 2007 by Peter Overstreet

Bonjour,We are holding auditions for actors for La Legion Fantastique! This is a new attraction in the children’s area at this year’s Dickens Fair. We need fun, charismatic actors with a love for Victorian science fiction (mostly Jules Verne) to populate our environment.


Jules Verne – Yes! We are looking for someone to play the chronicler of these amazing adventures. The person we are looking for should match his appearance, and have a relatively thorough knowledge of Verne’s works/life…or be able to take a crash course in it. Our Verne would perform readings, and interact with the “real life” personae from his books.

THEME: “ Around The World In 80 Days”

1. Passpartout – Fogg’s “right hand man”.
2. Inspector Fix – A determined Scotland Yard officer always trying to catch Fogg in illegal activity.

THEME: “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”

1. Conseil – Lab assistant of Prof. Arronax
2. Prof. Arronax – French professor of marine biology.
3. Ned Land – Canadian harpooneer…slayer of giant squid.

THEME: ”Journey To The Center Of The Earth”

1. Axel Lidenbrock – Nephew to Prof. Lidenbrock, adventurous youth.
2. Hans Bjelke – Danish hunter and guide to Lidenbrock expedition.

THEME: “From The Earth To The Moon”
2. James T. Maston (has a hook for a hand)
3. Michel Ardan

THEME: “ Mysterious Island”
1. Cyrus Smith – Railroad engineer in Union army
2. Nebuchadnezzar – African American assistant to Cyrus Smith
3.Bonadventure Pencroff – A talented sailor
4. Herbert Brown – Pencroff’s young protege’
5. Gideon Spilett – Union war correspondent / reporter.

THEME: “Master Of The World”
1. Robur The Conquerer – Meglomaniac inventor of flying machines…
2. Agent John Strock – U.S. secret agent bent on protecting world from mad scientists


1. Mrs. Weldon (From “Dick Sand, Boy Captain”)
2. Marfa Strogoff (From “Michael Strogoff”)
3. Myra Roderich (From “Secret of Wilhelm Storitz”)
4. Lady Munro (From “Steam House”)
5. Dame Hansen & Hulda Hansen (From “Lottery Ticket”)
6 Miss Mary Grant & Helena Grant (From “Children of Captain Grant”)
7. Edith & Jane Edgerton (From “Golden Volcano”)
8. Miss Campbell (From “The Green Ray”)
9. Mistress Branican (main character of “Mistress Branican”)
10. Cascabel (from “Cesar Cascabel”)

NOTE: I realize that there just aren’t a lot of strong female roles in Verne’s works. Blame Mr. Verne for that one. HOWEVER, I am happy to work with interested ladies on forging strong characters that will fit into the worlds established in our main list of books. Example could be Prof. Arronax’s sister (a fabrication) who is just as intelligent, but is assisting her brother in spreading the story of “20k Leagues” around the world. Feel free to contact me, and we’ll work something out…I’m very flexible! If you have an idea for a historical/fictional character that is not on this list, please tell me what you have in mind, and we may find a place for it.

Here are some helpful links:…cters.html

You can also find links to complete texts of Verne’s novels online. Wikipedia is a great place to start.

You can learn more about La Legion HERE:

If you would like to audition, please EMAIL ME at:

Please let me know what character(s) you are interested in playing and evenings you are available. I will contact each of you with audition times and location.

Thank you all very much!

-Peter Overstreet
Director – La Legion Fantastique