Captain Nemo was born as Prince Dakkar, the Hindu son
of the rajah of Bundelkund- one of the 500 or so
independent principalities of British dominated India.

Dakkar was educated in the finest European
universities where he distinguished himself as a
brilliant naval engineer and marine biologist. Dakkar
developed a deep hatred of the British conquest of
India during the Sepoy mutiny, where he witnessed the
murders of his parents, wife and two children and the
destruction of his homeland.

Dakkar took on the alias of Nemo when he and a group
of loyal followers fled to the sea to escape the
barbarism of the human race. Driven by the desire to
battle injustice, slavery and oppression and to
further scientific research of the ocean depths, Nemo
and his crew secretly developed an advanced underwater
vessel, the now infamous Nautilus.

Nemo’s association with Legion Fantastique can be best described as “rumor”. A brilliant scientist, named Kavi Shatrunjay was given full access to the equipment and collections of Fogg’s London branch. Kavi rarely speaks with strangers, and is never seen during Royal inspections. During a raid at the hands of an Inspector Fix of Scotland Yard, an altercation occurred with the authorities on one side and Fogg and Kavi on the other. This has only led to further suspicions regarding Nemo’s involvement.


2 Responses to “LEGIONAIRE PROFILES – Captain Nemo”

  1. Is the picture from a movie?

    • No. That’s Captain Nemo as portrayed by Greg Medley. You can see him live every year at the Dickens Christmas Fair, in San Francisco, CA, within the halls of Legion Fantastique.

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