Mr. Fogg in Africa

Mr. Phileas Fogg, of #7 SavilleRow, in all appearances, is a man of the world – transformed from the strict and precise man he once was before his 80 day global excursion, Fogg is now a man of precise adventure and pursuant of danger. He has since made two more trips, now on a seemingly more leisure-based timetable, around the world. He has also funded excursions to other frontiers including the vast world beneath the sea (with the help of an unnamed, mysterious compatriot) and a hunting journey into the center of the earth itself!

Fogg’s dealings, and origins of income, are still a mystery. It has taken a considerable sum to build all three branches of La Legion Fantastique. Although the tragedy surrounding the destruction of the Paris branch made a serious dent in his bank account, Fogg’s relentless pursuits into science, exploration, and imagination have carried him forward!


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