Telegraph Restoration

Prof. Flockmocker recently gave Mr. Fogg a used telegraph receiver. Fogg was so thrilled that he immediately took it apart, cleaned it off, and repaired the gravity cells (using techniques described at the Steampunk Workshop).

The Telegraph

The telegraph as we first found it. Prof. Flockmocker found it for only $4! What a deal. One of the gravity cells was cracked a bit and the wiring was all stripped.

Prepping the telegraph for disassembling.

Lots of scrubbing and rinsing. We used naval jelly and “brasso”.

Just look at that shine!

Almost there…

We used brass coated, iron hinge pins that were custom machined for us by the lovely folks at Cliff’s Variety Shop in San Francisco, CA. We then wrapped the cores with insulated copper wiring and then sealed them with friction tape.

Now all we need is a telegraph key!


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