La Legion Fantastique To Open – Nov. 23, 2007!


It has been five years since Mr. Phileas Fogg’s wildly publicized journey around the globe in 80 days. Not long after his return, Fogg vanished from public life along with his wife Auoda and his servant Passepartout. Five years later, Fogg, along with a select group of scientists, explorers, and writers, opened a new club for “intelligent, open-minded citizens of the new age”. This eclectic mixture of inventor’s workshop, gentleman’s club, and museum would open the world’s eyes to the possibilities of the future. It was called Legion Fantastique! The credo of L.F. was “Extundo – Eo Ire Itum – Sominum” … “Invention – Exploration – Imagination”.

This Christmas, Fogg will be opening up the doors of the London branch of The Legion to the general public for a brief time, in hopes of recruiting new members.


La Legion Fantastique would be a theatrical environment / attraction that would be built for the 2007 Dickens Christmas Fair. It would feature “hands-on” creations that would be both entertaining and educational. There is a strong potential for unique theatrical presentations, audience participation, and marketing possibilities. The creators of La Legion Fantastique would
also like to stress that it is their intention to elaborate upon the importance of international cultures and literature that were being
experienced by people during Dickens’ time. Verne is thought to be almost as popular as his English counterpart, and his characters could easily be integrated into the fabric of the magical world that is created every year at Dickens Fair. The intent is not to overwhelm the Dickensian flavor, but to expand upon the world we have created by adding an element not currently explored at our show.

3D Rendering of Legion Fantastique - by Jay Davis


Here is a list of some of the things that can potentially be found at La Legion Fantastique:

• An “Artifact Museum” in which guests can explore and examine items from Verne’s novels, including:
A Plesiosaur skull from “Journey to the Center of the Earth”
Various items from The Nautilus
Beak from a giant squid
& Much, much more!
• Actors portraying various characters from Verne’s novels.
• Hands-on scientific models and experiments that explain the principles behind some of the fantastic creations of Jules Verne.
• Various theatrical situations inside and outside (and around) Legion Fantastique.

The official list of “sanctioned” books is:

“20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”
“Around the World in 80 Days”
“Journey to the Center of the Earth”
“Mysterious Island”
“Master of the World / Robur the Conquerer”
“From the Earth to the Moon”

Our emphasis is Jules Verne… and our acceptable time period is 1850-1870’s. We are also trying NOT to be a recreation of “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” (as much as I love the comic….we’re trying to be different, here). Plus…you’ll note our “unsanctioned” books feature a lot of popular HG Wells books. Wells (September 21, 1866 – August 13, 1946) is a bit late for us… So, here are books that we will NOT be using:

“Invisible Man”
“First Men on the Moon”
“War of the Worlds”
“Time Machine”
“Food of the Gods”
“King Solomon’s Mines”


Take a look through the Verne novels (Project Gutenburg has all of them available for viewing). There are WONDERFUL characters to choose from! We will be holding auditions for Verne characters later this year…and I will be keeping interested parties informed. The only part that has been filled is Mr. Phileas Fogg (played by myself…). We will be looking for some specific characters (Nemo, Passepartout, etc.), and that list will also be listed soon.


We will need many props and set pieces for Legion. I will be posting a relatively complete list of Legion’s requirements soon, so please keep checking in. We are looking for:

Artists, Painters, Sculptors, Costumers, Writers, Builders, Machinists, Electricians, etc.

Early Blueprint of Legion headquarters

This is going to be BIG and UNIQUE!

More information coming soon!

If you would like to visit our external information depository, VISIT HERE.



One Response to “La Legion Fantastique To Open – Nov. 23, 2007!”

  1. Fantastic! Now to gather that army.

    I’m sure Miss Estella Havisham won’t be able to keep away and I hear the Queen and Prince consort are interested in such oddities!

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