It has been five years since Mr. Phileas Fogg’s wildly publicized journey around the globe in 80 days. Not long after his return, Fogg vanished from public life along with the mysterious Princess Auoda and his valet Passepartout. Many speculations arose regarding Fogg’s disappearance, some bordering on the darkly conspiratorial and others on the utterly absurd! A rash of unusual events followed his departure – including strange lights and sounds in the skies over England, attacks on ships at sea, and sightings of giant beasts in Scandinavia.

Legion Fantastique Emblem

Suddenly an article was printed on the front page of the Pall Mall Gazette! Mr. Phileas Fogg, along with a select group of scientists, explorers, and writers, was opening a new club for “intelligent, open-minded citizens of the new age”. This eclectic mixture of inventor’s workshop, gentleman’s club, and museum would open the world’s eyes to the possibilities of the future. It was called Legion Fantastique! The credo of L.F. was “Extundo – Eo Ire Itum – Sominum” … “Invention – Exploration – Imagination”.

Fogg’s money and connections allowed The Legion to embark on perilous journeys and collect a menagerie of artifacts never before seen. The walls of the Legion’s London branch were cluttered with gadgets and specimens collected by the world’s greatest explorers, the Paris branch was the main workshop for The Legion’s inventors, and the New York offices housed hundreds of the world’s leading thinkers. When the doors were opened to public view, The Legion found itself under attack – both literally and figuratively. The press went to great lengths to dismiss Fogg’s associates as “crackpots” and their collection as nothing more than “an entertaining cornucopia of frauds”. The Paris branch of The Legion was demolished in an attack at the hands of the mysterious saboteur known only as “Robur the Conquerer”.

In an attempt to keep The Legion’s artifacts and scholars safe, Fogg organized a secret force of spies and soldiers who would ensure that attacks, like the one in Paris, would never be repeated.

Now, La Legion Fantastique is a secret, “members’ only” society. Members are selected by existing Legionaires based on their dedication to science, exploration and imagination.

It is rumored that Fogg has limited the membership roster to 80 members only – one for every day it took him to travel around the world during his famous journey…but this is mostly dismissed as rumor.

Another rumor has surfaced, that Fogg will be opening up the doors of the London branch of The Legion to the general public for a brief time, in hopes of recruiting fresh new members. No one knows exactly when the eccentric millionaire intends to do this, only time will tell…


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