Thank You – For 5 Fantastique years!!

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Every adventure begins with a spark.
That pinprick of yellow light in the darkness of fear and despair that envelopes us all when we’re alone and our bedside candle has long since guttered.

When we fear the unknown.
When we doubt ourselves.
When we truly feel as if there is no hope.

But hope shall always come to those who seek it.
Seize that light. Nurture it while it is still that faltering ember. Shape that spark into a dream.

A dream is not just for one man … it can belong to many.
One man’s dream can wrap others in the emerald folds of warmth and faith.
If one person believes in another, a dream can be given a name…
If two people believe in them, a dream can be given a face…
If even more people believe in them, a dream can be given the breath of life!

A dream becomes a reality…a belief…an adventure!
We have all had our share of adventures together.
The mere act of walking out of our doors every morning is an adventure that can bring us either riches or ruin.

They say it is not the destination, but the journey that brings enlightenment. I have found this to be very true.

I have been around the world (in 80 days, no less)
I have shaken hands with a mechanical elephant.
I have held the dust of the moon in my hands.
I have shaken hands with a giant squid, and lived to tell the tale.

But the most incredible adventure of them all – was coming to know all of you!

Legion Fantastique would not exist without you, my friends.
Not without your friendship.
Not without your love.
Not without your spark.

Every journey, however, must reach a conclusion. it is how we grow, and learn to cherish the time we have together. So it is with a heavy heart that I fear that my journey has reached a conclusion…and I, Phileas Fogg, have decided to retire from Legion Fantastique.

I will not say that my journey has reached its “final end” – because this adventure we have shared together will have no end as long as we all … together … nurture “The Spark”.

There shall always be new adventures for us all on the horizon.
There shall always be a Fogg in London.
There shall always be new frontiers to explore, new dreams to pursue, and new friends to make!

Legion Fantastique will always be there, as long as we all remember:

That thoughts become things…
That dreams become reality…and…
That I hope our journeys together will inspire new adventures for us all – into Science, Exploration, and Imagination!!




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Robur the Conqueror and Agent John Strock are ready to do battle once more with ignorance and conformity!

Grab your pith helmets! Polish your boots! Get the boiler stoked and ready! It’s time for…

The 5th Annual


Saturday – December 10, 2011



The Cow Palace

2150 Geneva Avenue  Daly City, CA 94014

Yes, Mr. Phileas Fogg has teamed up with Captain Nemo, Impey Barbicane, Princess Aouda and even the fabled Steam Man to expose the world to the wonders of Science, Exploration, and Imagination! Now…he is looking for new “recruits”. Think you can take on a Giant Squid? Think you can survive the Journey to the Center of the Earth? Think your skills of invention and ingenuity can propel you into the 20th Century? Then we want you!

Come to the halls of Legion Fantastique at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco’s Cow Palace on December 10th, 2011 and test your mettle with us!

Usually…we thought we could judge someone on how nicely polished their Ethereal Copper Blast Pack was…but several explosive incidents have changed our minds (and our layout, apparently). SO…THIS YEAR IS NOT JUST A COSTUME CONTEST!!

Last year’s grand prize winner won because of her fine embodiment of Science, Exploration and Imagination. Miss Emma Etherington performed a marvelous “catch and release” procedure on a fabled green fairy on the Legion doorstop…an act that stole the show and earned her first place!

“So, how does the contest work?”

STEP ONE: Come to the Dickens Christmas Fair!

STEP TWO: Come to Legion … and MINGLE!!

First – visit our “recruitment desk” and fill out an application form. Then…feel free to roam about Legion Fantastique and get to know your fellow explorers!

The Legion Fantastique Secret Recruitment Committee is loose! They may seem like ordinary members of Legion Fantastique (as indicated by their specially decorated Legion Fantastique badges), but there are hidden judges among them! It could be Captain Nemo. It could be Miss Grant. It could be our maid! Even we don’t know who they all are. So be polite. You are going to have to come to Legion Fantastique anytime on December 10th from 10am – 5pm and chat with various members of Legion and tell them of your exploits, show them your artifacts, and let them question your theories! The more members you meet, the greater the chances are that you’ve met one of the L.F.S.R.C.! So, don’t be shy…be bold! There’s a brave chap! The committee will then secretly meet at 5pm in their private chambers and determine the winners of this year’s Consortium prizes!


The Award Ceremony will be held at Legion Fantastique this year – AT 5:30pm!!

All persons who wish to submit themselves for a prize MUST BE PRESENT at award ceremony – NO EXCEPTIONS!! Yes, we know you would like to go see “rampant totty” at Mad Sal’s or Naughty French Postcards…but you MUST be at Legion to collect your prize or it will be forfeit to the next “runner up”.

“What are the prizes?”

You may well ask…

We can’t tell you what all of them are…but the grand prize is scheduled to be a piece of original concept art from the motion picture “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” (along with a few other surprises)!*

*Prizes subject to availability.

We may even have a few surprise guests as well!

Anything can happen…and probably will…at the 5th Annual Steam Explorer’s Consortium!

"Look here...Finding the Dickens Fair is easy!"


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Five years may not seem like a lot, but in the world of Science, Exploration and Imagination it’s been a wonderful lifetime!


We will be opening our doors to visitors at our halls in the Great Dickens Christmas Fair on November 28, 2011. Please come and visit anytime.


Unfortunately, we are unable to accept new full time recruits this year. However, we are looking for several new recruits to become “Legion Fantastique Regulars”.  We’re looking for some people to be brave, intrepid jungle safari guides!  Interested?

Then read on, my friends – READ ON!!


Thanks to the generous offering of Dickens Fair management, and a little twist of fate, Legion Fantastique has been given the opportunity to operate the Jungle Adventure Carousel at this year’s Dickens Christmas Fair! Proceeds will aid Legion in their quest to fund further adventures into Science, Exploration and Imagination! So we’re goosing things up a bit, and putting our own Legion Fantastique touch on the carousel this year.

Although the cast of Legion would, I’m sure, love to take this job on singlehandedly – many of us will be very busy this year. So, we are recruiting some extra hands! We’re looking with people who are ready to put on a pith helment and have some fun and become part of the Legion Fantastique family (Jungle Division).

  • Are you over 18 years of age?
  • Are you good with children?
  • Are you a ham?
  • Are you looking for a fun gig at Dickens Fair that won’t take up your entire day?
  • Are you ready to have fun?
  • Are you willing to let the vicious cries of creatues of the jungle (i.e. parents) wash over you?
  • Are you willing to have no shame with puns?
  • Are you willing to don a pith helmet and become one of our elite Legion Fantastique Jungle Safari Guides?

Then we’re looking for you!

Legion Fantastique will be holding auditions this Saturday (Nov. 5) at the Dickens Christmas Fair Workshops. After the “big meeting” we’ll announce the time and location of the auditions. Prepare to read a bit of our jungle patter…and be ready to ham it up!

Duties Include:

  • Handling of change
  • Safe loading and unloading of children from safari animals
  • Committing to 1-2 hour stints on a regular/semi-regular basis (once per day)
  • Entertaining/narrating riders and observers.


Q: “Do I need a full, new, jungle safari outfit?”

A: Not necessarilly. We have resources on how to stay period, and “safari up” with various levels of commitment. Some of us have full uniforms…others just have a helmet and a whip.

Q:”What’s the pay like?”

A: As this is a fundraising effort for Legion Fantastique, we are unable to offer this as a paid position at this time. This is a nice way to get acquainted with Dickens Fair, however, and a way to get to know the madcap crew of Legion Fantastique.

Q:”Will I be a full fledged Legion Fantastique cast member?”

A: Sort of. Due to cast size limitations this year, we’re unable to cast full-time cast members into Legion Fantatique. But we love playing with new, enthusiastic people. So, by joining the Safari, you will be a part-time Auxiliary Member of LF – the “Jungle Safari Division” as it were. Due to the fact the carousel and LF will be direct neighbors…There will certainly be a lot of interaction between the teams. Plus this is a great way to get your feet wet, if you’re new to Dickens, and maybe try a few other things at fair when you’re not spinning kids around in a circle.

If you are new to Dickens Fair, you MUST attend Workshops to participate…Here is info on how to participate:


If you have any questions…please contact Legion Fantastique’s director, Peter Overstreet, at:


Reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated!

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“Legion Fantastique….dead?”

There has been some speculation, as of late, as to whether or not Legion Fantastique is dead or defunct.

“Vicious lies!” exclaims Phileas Fogg, “All of them! Rest assured, that Legion Fantastique is still on the never ending quest for new vistas in Science, Exploration and Imagination!”

Many of the members have merely been out having a plethora of adventures, and have been slowly returning to London. Mr Fogg, himself, has returned from Stockholm, Sweden, where he has been assisting a prominent museum regarding recent journeys to The Moon!

Legion Fantastique will return, as always, to the Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco this November – with some all new surprises! Recruitment (i.e. “auditions”) will be taking place early this year (as Mr. Fogg will be going abroad again, and needs as many hands on deck as possible) – sometime in July. Some of the surprises include a newly expanded clubhouse, new members, new specimens…and an announcement of stratospheric proportions!

Keep checking #7 Saville Row for audition dates, and announcements – all coming soon!

4th Annual Steam Explorers’ Consortium!

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That’s right! It’s  time once again for Legion Fantastique’s – Steam Explorers’ Consortium!



SATURDAY – December 11, 2010

Held at this year’s Great Dickens Christmas Fair, in San Francisco, CA, the Steam Explorers’ Consortium is a competition to reward the greatest explorers in Science, Exploration and Imagination!

Report to: Legion Fantastique
Judging begins @ 12 NOON
Winners announced @ 6pm

THIS YEAR … Judges are looking  for MORE than just a pretty costume and a shiny pair of goggles!  Participants will be judged on their ADVENTUROUS NATURE as
well … We want to see photos, logs, artifacts…scars! We may even have a mighty task or two to perform!

There will be prizes, adventure, fun!

We hope to see you all there!

2010 AUDITIONS – We’re looking for new cast members!

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Legion Fantastique Auditions – 2010

Sept.14 – 7pm-10pm

It’s true, Legion Fantastique has moved to new digs this year at the Dickens Christmas Fair, in San Francisco! We’re bigger, “badder”, and ready for another round of adventure! With that comes a couple of open spots for people who want to join us in our adventures in Science, Exploration, and Imagination!

We have a VERY limited number of open spots availble this year…but we would like to see your best adventurer’s face forward!! If you think you’ve got what it takes to wrestle giant squids, dig for dinosaur bones, and avoid getting blown up by Professor Flockmocker…we need you!

We’re currently looking for especially energetic, motivated folk (Bay Area residents) who won’t mind “being big” on and off stage (we need people who can project vocally), as well as people who would like the opportunity to be featured in one of our many shows (including the “Giant Squid Feeding” show)!


1. The Ice Sphinx – A mysterious show that ends in frozen magic.

2. The Giant Squid Feeding – Our hit returns, with some new surprises in store.

3. From the Earth to the Moon – A photoplay of Mr. Verne’s novel!

Actors interested in being cast in our stage shows must be willing to rehearse (beginning late September/early October).

Both Male and Female roles are still available, especially for people who are ready to KNOCK OUR SOCKS OFF!


Mr. Jules Verne – This is a VERY important role at Legion…so important that we have yet to find someone to fill Mr. Verne’s shoes…but we’re ALWAYS looking.

From “Around the World in 80 Days”

1. Passpartout – Fogg’s “right hand man”. We’re looking for an energetic young man (21+ please) to become part of a duo. This is another role we are hoping to fill this year!
2. Inspector Fix – A determined Scotland Yard officer always trying to catch Fogg in illegal activity. We’re looking for a strong comedic actor for this role.

From “From the Earth to the Moon”

1. James T. Marston – this is an “over-the-top” character. Another role for a strong comedic actor.

From “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”

1. Prof. Pierre Arronax – Eccentric French scientist who may wind up being one of the chief lecturers of “The Giant Squid” show.

From  ”Journey To The Center Of The Earth”

1. Axel Lidenbrock – Nephew to Prof. Lidenbrock, adventurous youth.
2. Hans Bjelke – Danish hunter and guide to Lidenbrock expedition.


If you are interested in auditioning for one of the coveted spots, please contact us at: Please give us your name, contact info, and any specific talents you may have (oh yes, and DON’T FORGET to add “LF Auditions 2010” in your subject header). We will send you a list of characters we are specifically looking for, and your timeslot.

Thank you all! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


Phileas Fogg

Legion Fantastique Invades Exploratorium!

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Yes, those intrepid explorers, adventurers and ne’er-do-wells of Legion Fantastique were recently sighted at The Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA, for the museum’s annual member’s appreciation party!

Artwork Copyright 2010 Peter Overstreet

Guests were given the chance to meet creatures of the deep with Captain Nemo, discover new minerals with Prof. Liddenbrock and Miss Edgerton, Explore the wonders of flight with Prof. Flockmocker and his lovely test pilot – Mistress Branican,  marvel at Robur The Conquerer’s wondrous weaponry, and even experience the “demon of electricity” with Mr.Phileas Fogg and Princess Aouda!

“We were awed by the sheer number of highly intelligent children who wandered into our exhibit,” exclaimed Senora Paz of Peru, “they seemed amazed by the exhibits that Senor Fogg and Captain Nemo had brought with them…but were even more amazed by how much they had to teach us.”

Professor Phineas J. Flockmocker III had this to say – “Ah, yes! These tykes are the future here in the present, and their knowledge of the past will affect their lives in the future!”

Legion Fantastique had arrived in Nemo’s Nautilus (the Mark 2) and had just enough room to bring that amazing troupe of vocalists – Brass Farthing!

“They were pleasant enough,” exclaimed French adventurer Michel Ardan, “but I just can’t get ‘Bertha’s Mussels’ out of my head! Zut Alors!”

One of the stars of the evening was Legion’s Wimshurst Engine. Several LF members fascinated visitors with the flashy static electricity generator!

What does the future have in store for the amazing alliance between Legion and The Exploratorium? Who can say? Fun was certainly had by all, and as they left, the guests seemed ready to pursue further adventures into Science, Exploration, and Imagination!

Photo Courtesy of Princess Aouda!